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Savich had encountered opponents in the fourteenth week of the team, and had to be hit by the 49 people in San Francisco. He once returned to the field but finally left the game in advance. The Alliance has also investigated the way to respond to Savige brain in the German game with NFL players.

The Skola has played all 1189 offensive in the 2018 season. The top 10 games in the top season also participated in all 700 gear offensive. Patrick Mekari is vacant on top of his injury, and it is very good.

His family moved from Southern Californa to Florida, and he came to Indiana Polis, and signed a $ 25 million contract with Pony. However, according to the homage of Pony, Rivers may take more than one year for pony.

In the outside world, Watt is considered to join the Pittsburgh steelman and his brother, or may return home for the green bay package. It has been reported that Cleveland Brown and Buffalobier are interested to him. Tennessee Titan publicly claimed that it has been contacted Watt’s broker. Arizona Red Square Entry Deandre Hopkins, hopes that the former teammates can join themselves on social media.

However, the good victone of Rivus works with Lake that is familiar with yourself, at the same time can cooperate with the pony outlets, get excellent mushroom attack and potential external handlery support, which makes him The reason for the pony is more than one year.

The San Michael high school did not urge Rivers. The school’s sports supervisor will serve as the team temporary coach before retreating. At the same time, Rivers will work hard to prepare for the game. If Rivers are successful in the first year of Pony, we may be able to see him to stay.

Houston Texas people renew the first first round showHouston Texas people have been patiently waiting for him to grow into a stable ball shock hand after the first round of Shi Shi-Mozus (Whitney Mercilus). After sustained progress, Texas is ready to keep him in the team for a long time.

Crow Center Matt-Skra Kneck InjuryIn 2019, the 12th week of regular season, the crow Matt Skura encountered a serious knee injury, tearing the front cross-ligament, the inner sublarm and the rear side ligament.

Savich served as the team’s first quarter-off at the beginning of the 2017 season, but he was replaced by a rookie four-point Guide Shaun Watson (Watson) in the first battle in the season. When Watson knees were reimbursed, Savich had the next six games.

Although many teams are intended to Watt, he may have to wait until the new season wage hat is officially confirmed to have further consideration. In that, all teams know how many salary spaces they have this year. Our only knows that the new season salary cap will not be less than $ 180 million.

After Rivers entered the free player market, the Pony decided to use him to serve as the team’s first than Jacoby Brissett. In this year, the Pony Pick Jacob Eason in the fourth round, I hope he can become the Rivers’ successor. If Lake is correct, then Isison can have to learn More Information and facts than years.

Last year’s champion, Jade, Jade, and this year’s Two-wheeled Show this year, Benard McKinney will play an important role in Texas defensive group, but their own technical features different. McKini will start their own career from the inner line guard.

Pony coach: I believe that four points Wei Feip-Rivers intentionally effective for many yearsAfter leaving Los Angeles Lightning, the four-point Gawlip-Rivers (Philip Rivers) no longer has certain future.

Jason was written on his own Facebook: “It’s too mad! I saw a Mercedes-Benz Picard, and then Ma Shaun, Linqi jumped into the supermarket, I was Consider don’t want to seek a photo, but I finally decided not to bother him, so I went home with my child, but I actually lost my wraps. When I got home for 10 minutes, my neighbor came to knock on the door. She told me unbelievable things. She said that Lin Qi gave me my wraps. I really can’t believe that the neighbors said this at the time of the community, but she asked the photo at the time. Refused by politeness. This is really incredible. “

Of course, the people who questioned the ideas of Lake also have sufficient reasons: Rivers have agreed to become a high school football team behind retirement. Why is a four-point guard who has planned to retire to life, want to continue his player career?

Skula told reporters: “I think I am close to 90-95%. The most important thing is to adjust the small muscle group, such as hips, knees, or even calf. I need to let these muscles to restore power & hellip; & hellip; also focus Attack front line skills training. “

This renewal is not accidentally accidentally because of the general manager Rick Smith has already said that Mossruce is a team that the team wants to leave. But no one before, it is easy to think that Texas will agree to renew, because Mossus has eproved since entering the alliance. And another Texas people in the first round of Kareem Jackson are very like, Mossus has overcome the bad first impression.


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