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“People give the cowboy standard very high, I want them to be surprised.” Prescot said, “But those who left, missing the topic, indeed, our well-known superstars become less, But this will only enhance our desire to victory. “

Leis’s injury has never been considered serious, but his importance of the top offensive group of packages is not underestimated. In the “Run Saving Swarf Sphere” released by the professional football focus network, he only ranked second to the Marshawn Lynch, MARSHAWN LYNCH.

3, Trent Richardson, running guard / Brown, has signed a contract with the raid 2 years. After being traded by Brown to the Pony, the snap-off period was contracted by the horses after the horses were contracting a 2-year contract. Can you save your career here.

2012 first round show fifth year option execution or notThe first round of the first round of the 2012 first round show will be the deadline for execution, let us take a look at the choices of each team. The first round of rookie contracts The fifth option is when the four-year rookie contract is implemented, the team has the right to extend one year. The contract amount is that the top 10 in the top 10 is the average of the top 10 players with the highest wages, and the 11-32 grade is the average of the highest level of wages. If the player is injured, the fifth year option is fully guaranteed.

Last season, Ray West, causing opponents to miss the opponent’s missed, only second to Pittsburgh Steelman Run Guidian – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell). Let him return to the next Monday night game to allow the chief to block the package of the offensive group for bubbles.

Prescot said: “I really like the current direction of advancement. After the OTA and the Mini Training Camp, I am very satisfied with the team’s attitude, energy, winning heart and vitality. At the end of OTA or mini training camp That day, no one hurriedly rushed home, and I also strive to train in holidays, which is what we need. “

League of Nations here, relatively speaking more clearly, the Eagles and the Vikings locked the first two seating, as well as from the National League Division Series to adjust two weeks now. Rams, Saints and Panthers as impressive with 11 wins and 4 losses, which the Rams won the saints, the same record in the league better than the Panthers, the Rams locked win third seed, champion of the West because the country reasons to be at least the fourth seed. As the Saints regular season double play panther, so long as victory over the Saints last week of seeding the pirates can be, and the Panthers need to overcome the road Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, the Saints have to lose hope, to become the country South champion. The last National League wild card seats II: A, the Super Bowl last year, the League of Nations on behalf of Falcon; B, for five consecutive years into the traditional tyrannical Seahawks postseason. The two sides now are 9-6, but the Falcons won the regular season the Seahawks, so a greater chance unless their own home defeat while the Seahawks win, the Falcons would otherwise catch the last train of the playoffs.

Wave-game winning streak end of the season to keep at least a small Shanahan’s job, so the team eat reassurance. On the free market, Garo Poirot has not yet been renewed, 49 people will definitely use the franchise tag to lock him, Thehoward.nyc while the other players, the main running back Carlos – Hyde and the main security guard Eric – Reid will enter the free market. Due to some improvement in results this year, and the team basically no big contract players drag, on the open market next year 49 people have quite enough cap space to chase Sami – Watkins, Jimmy – Graham, East tower – Wave and Malcolm – Butler and other big players. The last wave-game winning streak, allowing 49 people to sign draft picks next year back at least seven or eight picks, plus their second-round sign gave the Patriots, so the choice of 49 first-round picks who will become very important, to choose a new alternative to running back Carlos – Hyde? Emphasis on offensive coach will select a young wide receiver to add offensive talent? Still worthy of a real foundation reinforcement offensive front? Or add a blockade cornerback?

The crow re-attacks, a 10 yard, the Colinth rush is 4 yards, the second file Wood Hain is 5 yards, the three-speed 1 ylrako is handed over to the right short pass to Mike Wallace, the latter gets rid of the hug Promote a full 25 yard. Two files 10 yards, Texas people’s line of Krahni showed amazing pressure, directly breaking the defensive front lines, Corins. The crow chooses to abandon the kick, abandon the kicking to the Texas half 10 code line. Texas people attack, Miller runs out of the first attack, two files 9 yards, Savige found near-end Fengdlovitz to get the first attack. But after the offense was completely limited by the crow, Savich was also killed, four files abandoned. After that, the crow and the Texas people offensive group were turned around, but they were fully restricted by the other party’s defensive group failed to get the first attack. The crow is attacking, the top three gears are still unable to win, the four-stage crow service group actually chooses to be discarded! Playing the ball to find Moore to get the new first attack to the left hour! After the second file, 1 yard, Allen, rushed out, and got the arrival of the help of the offensive front line! Additional dictatorship into 7-7.


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