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After Joe Mixon, Bernard took the team’s mission, and the first game was first played (the new career is high). However, his data can only be said that it is unmorinated, 124 shock push into 416 yards, the ball is relatively good: 47 games advance 355 yards.

But fans still didn’t expect to be so bad. The three games, the number of cowboy has been promoted by 277.7 Ranking League Rankings third, and the average score 13.7 Rank countdown second, the average passed forward 145 yard rankings second. Only the comprehensive performance of the rickets is worse than the cowboy, and this team has just chose to make the new show, Rosen, served as the first quarter-off.

Close-end edue – Davis is very happy with Smith reunion

Vernon Davis’s career spent in front of San Francisco, 49 people in San Francisco, and Alex Smith has always been his good partner. After six years of past, the two veteran were in Washington red skin.

Davis did not hide his joy and to Smith: “His competition is amazing. The ability inside and outside his pockets have improved, and you can find a way to pass the ball to the front field. He knows where to pass the ball, And maintain high efficiency. Although his career has been on the fourteenth year, his performance is only better and better. “

Jones injured in the game competition in the New York jet. He was painful after injury, and he tried to relieve the pain in the field. He just played 27 defenders before injury. After two-headed muscle tears, it is the most feasible choice to end the season in advance.

This year’s 29-year-old Bernard is a two-year show in 2013. The career is a tiger effectiveness. He watched 115 games, and he pushed 3697 yards, reached 22 times. In addition, Bernard has also completed 342 times, promoted 2867 yards, reached 11 times.

This label will make Landri’s salary in the new season to approximately 16 million US dollars and is non-exclusive, which means he can negotiate with other teams, but his new east needs to send two first round of draft. Dolphins get him.

Galert told reporters: “We will not choose the way. I believe (the ability of the attack coordinator) Scott Linehan. He has always been one of the outstanding coordinators of the alliance. It is also our outstanding staff, which is very good. What we need to do is to improve offense, reflect on your coaching ability, and make players integrate into the game arrangement. “

According to the nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, after the private trial North Carolina, the giant will let the giant will pick up in the bridges of Bradley Chubb. Tour the team amenities in the time.

Check the body 193cm, weight 122kg, not only physically strong, both strong strength, and speed, have met the requirements for excellent rushers. But some people think that he is unable to adapt to the 3-4 system of James Bettcher, a giant’s new defensive coordinator James Bettcher.

Potential list sign Bradley – investment will visit the giant

After leaving the defending Director Jason Pierre-Paul to the pirate, the giant’s rest period has added: 冲 手. And this year’s rookie may have happened to help them relieve the urgent urgent.

Cowboy coach: Attack temporarily no major change

Beijing September 26th, most fans guess the cowboy offense may not look too good: an unnamed external group, the offensive front line that is injured is difficult to make the prospects unclear. Most of Cowboy’s score seems to be pinned in Ezekiel Elliott.

Losing the highest salary player is a big blow to the playoffs of the rock. After the injury in Jones left the field, the shock strength of the red ramp was obviously declining. Last Sai Jones won 19 kills and the ups to eight forced the ball. And in this season, Cheap Jerseys From China Jones won 11 times.


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