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Panthers coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) said in an interview with ESPN interview: “Luotulelei foot soreness feeling good news is that doctors Anderson is about to come over to check, so we just need a good Taking care of him on the line we will be very careful to treat this injury. “when interviewed by reporters whether Luotulelei I will injury absence for some time Luotulelei replied:.” I do not know. “

Panthers defensive anchor pulled out of trainingCarolina Panthers defensive tackle main Costa – Luotulelei accidentally leg injuries in Monday’s training, then he was carried out of the health care workers off. Last season’s quarter 后赛洛图勒雷 had foot injuries, and subsequently underwent offseason surgery to repair. According to the Charlotte Observer newspaper reported Luotulelei said his foot stress of discomfort, and will rebuild detected and evaluated in the next few weeks. Luotulelei after simple treatment at the scene wearing a protective boot away from the training ground.

And finally to this step. For the people, the regular football training is extremely strange, also I said before, there is no professional guidance is very vulnerable to injuries. There must be a team of experienced mentors and establish its authority, similar to the post of head coach. Professor collision and are beginning tackles tricks to make the players adapt to the collision. In this process, there will be injuries, and this is a process of adaptation, so that the players understand the pain and injuries are not equated, thereby temper the will.

Luotulelei Panthers defensive front is an important part of the team has lost Kavan – Schulte (Kawann Short) This generals, can not afford more impairment, so the whole team are on the injury particularly concerned about the situation.

Charles career often appears often, in recent years, he highly overcomes this weakness. In this week, he had the second time in the season. He said after the game: “I have to learn how to control my rhythm, learn to stop yourself. I think I am sometimes too much, I Must learn Cheap Jerseys From China Ma Shaun, learn how to control the ball, how to continue moving. This can make me better. “

In addition, to ensure that each normal training, the team now need a training ground for a fixed. Players attendance needs to be emphasized again, Shanghai Nighthawk early, hit a few core members are contacted before training a phone call, asking whether to attend.

Charles excellent performance game wins: I want to learn from Lin QiThis week, Seattle Hawks and Kansas City chiefs can be regarded as a depended between the two alliances. In the end, Jamal Charles’s performance is more excellent in Marshawn Lynch, and the chief also takes a crucial victory at 24-20.

The ultimate goal is to play the whole game equipment team, after a certain number of basis, you can try on the equipment. On the domestic resources available, it is not difficult to buy equipment, a set of equipment can handle around 2500, no ceiling. Haonong equipment, training difficulties, general knowledge of football is “vulnerable”, it makes a lot of people stay away. Indeed, without the right skills, it is very vulnerable to injuries, which need to be able to make a professional guide and technical personnel, and not just the universal knowledge skills. After deciding entered equip mode, first thing to do is to improve the training plan, to let people know this is not just a weekend pastime, but to become a regular team preparation. This will push back during some people want pure entertainment, will provoke some people want to have fun of the sport. Staff turnover, blood circulation, it is an inevitable stage of development. At the same time, to eliminate a number of factors of disharmony within the team, try to make the team Three Views of convergence, who are not serious training or just for showing off trickery fiscal plan must be resolutely removed from the team, to create a good team atmosphere.

Falcon official website said that the team will moderately reduce the training projects from Jones. They plan to give more rest time for the most dangerous external work in the alliance. According to the judgment of the NFL official website, Jones is still expected to play this week, the team will not move him out of the injury report, but the outer hand will hit the five-game winner with his teammates.

Andy Daorton thumb fracture leaves tiger losing Before the game, the fans of the Sinnati Tiger before the game were in the event, the fans of Cincinnati would not realize what I miss the team’s starting quartz, Dalton.

Staff: First, we need to have a passion for the sport of junior partner, have an incentive to progress. Secondly, the team need to have management personnel, there must be a technical personnel. Management personnel responsible for activities of the organization, staffing and other things; and technical personnel responsible for teaching knowledge and technology.


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