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The red scitch has recently been just three years $ 45 million in a 3 year of $ 45 million. The Texas people used two first rounds of first rounds to the Laremy Tunsil. However, the other side of the red rhech is still not falling, and Tang Hill’s contract will also enter the last year, and report that he hopes that the new contract annual salary is between $ 1900-20 million.

Baker Hamfield is 6.68 times, and two reacted in Sunday. However, it is not possible to help the giant to win, because the opposite eagle players Jack – Jake Elliott god allocated 61 yodi, killing the game.

After Sunday completed 9 games in the game, the Baker Ham career has completed 301 battles, which makes him become a player in history. The previous record holders were Anquan Boldin, and he completed 300 bolts with 47 games.

Since 3 weeks ago, San Francisco’s 49-person defensive coordinator Robert Saleh has served as a new coach, the jet is not given a clear reply to Darod’s future. In this year’s draft, the jet has an eye-catching, and one of the best candidates can be selected, and they can also introduce the four-point guard of other teams.

There were 12 four-point guards in the season, and the performance of the 400 yard passing of the single field was also the most around the NFL season. Among them, the 400 yards from the single field from the fourth week, and the single week in Wholesale Nfl Jerseys history.

Last Salary Falcon has been misplaced in the third consecutive season, the defensive group handed over 19 kills, restricting the 16th digit of the row of roses, and Freny’s joining is bound to bring young people in the team’s defensive group. More experience.

Slim, Texas intentionally red skin left

The jet is not the only team that deliberately interested the red skin left. Trent Williams. The player of this seven-selection professional bowl has gained a team.

“No matter where he has finally went, he will have no problem,” Adams said. “I support Sam. I have sent him a text message before. He will be fine. His confidence will come back, he will play out again.”

In addition, Bill also wants to strengthen the backfinder, and they dig two all over the free market. First, Falcon Tiantai Patrick – Patrick Dimarco, Dimar can only absent 2 games at the Falcon, complete 37th ball; second is the former black Leopard Mike – Mike Tolbert ).

Danoard is missing because of constant convear. The jet only has only 2 wins and 14 losses this season, and cheap nfl jerseys from china in the 38 games of Darnod, they only win 13 games. Darnard is still able to play outstanding, but he declined in this season, unstable performance and injuries continue to affect him. Whether he can stay in the jet will depend on the decision of Joe Douglas, General Manager. Donold is not selected by Douglas, but the latter has fully understood him in the last 2 years.

Jamal – Adams: I believe four points sages Sam-Dond can regain confidence

In the case of the New York jet and is considered to be their home, Sam Darnold is ready for its own third coach and offensive coordinator. But it is not clear that they will be.

Taylor has signed a five-year long approximately 30.75 million US dollars before the season. Although the Bill’s new coach group obviously wants to leave Taylor, they also need to adjust the wage space. The new guarantee will be included in the 2017-18 season.

“He will definitely play out,” Adams said in an interview. “Now, he lost a lot of confidence. You hear all of these guess for new quarters. People want Trevs (Lawrence), they want Dethane (DESHAUN WATSON) & mdash And mdash; these rumors have affirmed him. I know this, because of the end, he is a human. “

After it is very likely that it is worthy of Trevor Lawrence, the jet will deal with Darod’s future worth noting. Will they leave him? Will they trade him? Will they choose a quadrant yard in the first round? Safety Weija Male Adams, who used to be jet, said that these speculations make Darnod’s days are not good.

Douglas decided to hire Sarah, which hired a defensive coach, and 49-person pass attack coordinator Mac-Lafleur, as an offensive coordinator, showing that they may use and 49 human offensive systems in the future. This set of offensive systems allow Darnod to play the strengths. As more and more changes cannot be avoided, Donod now needs to be stable.

Bill recombinant Tero Taylor Contract, new sign two full bath

According to Buffalo media report, Bill quarterly Taylor recombinant contract, which reduced its own salary cap ($ 16 million to $ 10 million). The new contract contains a contract of $ 7 million.


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