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Haiying coach: defeating the red tick is the most happy thing in the season.

This week, Seattle Eagle defeated Arizona Right by 19-3 through tough defensive. In the competition, the scoring and offensive yards in the game have set a new season. Pete Carroll said: “This is the most happy thing in the season, this is great.”

49 strong rushing will bring a big trouble to the red skin

This week, 49 people in San Francisco will be positive in Washington red skin. At present, the 49-person playoffs is very serious, and the latter games cannot be lost. Fortunately, the defense of the last 49 people has gradually entered the best, which will be a powerful guarantee for the team’s race.

At the end of the 10 cases, Smith was completed last week. In the face of the game, 8 successfully put pressure on the other side, two of which hit four-point guard and six times forced four defense Quickly shoot. And the rookie alonch, which is located on the other, also has 8 successful pressure, one of whom killed 7 times, forced the quarter-saving, and he was divided into +7.6 this season. All 3-4 Flat Outer Route 7. Lindchi and Smith’s double ghost door will be the biggest trouble of red skin.

The key to winning the Haiye is in the team’s defense, and they force the opponent’s flush in the last 2 games only got 17 points. Earlier this season, the Habi’s defense is in trouble, but the coach and players in this week said that they have confidence to start. Carol said: “I feel that this is the first time I have faced a game for the first time. I have had a very good game before, but I think this is the best.”

Galert has previously stated that Kleiban needs to compete with Orlando Scandroicks into five-point guards. But after seeing Sweeping performance in Sandrik and the St. Louis Ram Competition, Galert Change: “I think he has the opportunity to become our first corner.”

A team official told reporters: “You will not bet on this child, he knows us to support him, we also know what kind of player he is, he is not a question, he has a strong belief, also committed Lower a lot of mistakes, he will learn this. “

This week, the red skin they have to face has been suffering from the poor, and the four-point guards, Robert Griffin III, 52.1% of the post-withdrawal of the ball, was transformed, and the ball was transformed. Among them, 12.4% were killed, and the two data were the highest alliance. And worse, the team’s left cut Trent-Williams will not be able to play this week, will not be able to play, this season Williams’ passenger commentary is +6.3, only let the other party from oneself I got once and killed. Replacing Williams will be a new Morgan Moses, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys which contributed +1.4’s pass cover score in the face of Tampawan pirates last week, but he is going to face this week. Aldenne Smith, which is ready to go, is not as small as stress.

Texans Kelao Ni, 49 Gould will not participate in mini-camp

Beijing June 11 hearing on Monday US time, according to wholesale nfl jerseys Network correspondent reports, Texans defensive end Jared Vian – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney), 49 people kicker Robbie – Gould (Robbie Gould) two current tag team of players under contract will not participate in mini-camp.

According to the CBS reporter news, the giant will continue to carry out all-round support for this team star, although the exterior controversy he has received is very large, although the team is dissatisfied with his punishment in his competition, the team thinks him will Aware of your own problems.

Galert said that this dismissal event was the team’s first similar incident, and other corners of the team still expressed support for Klebern. It is speculated that Klebern will still play with the substitute, if you want to take the first hair, he must play the performance of his own position.

Cowboy dismisters Kleibern return to the team training

Morris Claiborne has now returned to training. In yesterday’s report, we mentioned that Cleiborn is trying to express his anger by dismissal because of dissatisfaction. As we predict, in today’s training, we can see him again. Dallas Denim Jason Galrett told people familiar with the case, and Clarion can debut in the weekend with the Saints of the New Orleans. Galert said: “We exchanged Yesterday with Cleiborn, his positioning needs to change. So he chose to absent training. Fortunately, he returned again. We talked about talking about talking about it. All of him. We will punish him, but it will not be announced. Now we need to move forward, this matter has passed. “

After winning, the Hawow eagle increased the record to 7 wins and 4 losses, and only the disadvantages of 2 wins were behind the leader of 9 wins and 2 losses. The Hawks have the opportunity to continue to attack the partition name in December. On Thursday, they will fight 49 people in San Francisco in Thanksgiving. The second meeting of the two teams will be on the 15th week, and the Sea Eagle will have to have a red tick and ram.


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