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Neg – called collision of steel people

When the New York jet and the Pittsburgh steelman, the winning voucher exchanging the jets of the jet “Victory Formation”, only seeking four-point guard single knee, and then you can Enjoying may be the most joyful moment of the season.

Generally speaking, the defensive players will give up resistance because they are almost impossible to grab the ball from the entrance. However, the Safety Sky Mike Mike Mitchell did not think so. He suddenly rushed to the kick, trying to use a dangerous leap to the opponent to do the final effort. However, the Nick Mangnik Manard (Nick Mangold) kept high enough, with a wrestling action to fall in the air of Mitchell.

Pirates and retreat will be quizJosh McCown briefed Tampawan pirate career came to the end, local time on Tuesday, the United States officially announced that this old quarter-saving. This season, McCaun first sent 11 games, completed 11 times, but was copied 14 times. In March last year, the pirate and he signed a contract for 2 years and a $ 10 million. The pirates will save 5.25 million salary space after treating Macques.

Romo believes that our current game is more smart and stabilized: “As long as the ball is still in us, we have the opportunity to score. I have to learn more smart, find the contact between teammates. In the case of backward, Everyone wants to score as soon as possible, but more importantly, you can’t give up, you have to go all out, grasp every opportunity. “

The head coach Lovie-Smith said that the team is more willing to give the future to the young four-point guards Mike Glennon, so McCon will not be avoided. In fact, the pirates of the hand-held graph sign are likely to take a four-defense in this year’s draft, and the team still has a lot of reinforcing methods in this position.

The sixteenth week, Monday, Tiger @ 马In the case of the foundation of the National Fame season, the Menren ‘s playoffs competed in a fog. The fierce competition of the outer card does not have to come out, and the Danfo wild horse in the early season is even possible to be forced to the outer card. On Monday, this week, it brought about the key battle of the wild horse racing competition. At home, he met Xin Cincinna.

Only 2 wins only in the pirate season, Maiju passed the 2206 yards. He and the team’s movement of the team, the team’s newcomers, Jeff Tedford, also left the team in advance due to physical reasons, which caused pirates to attack snow. The pirate offensive front line also vulnerable, and the whole season was 42 times.

Salunams all selected passing tactics in the last 2 minutes of the game may be seen as a chance. 49 people in the whole game were difficult to effectively carry out the road, but they showed excellent in the last wave of offensive. In the game, 49 people started cheap Jerseys from china this 25 yards, and they pushed 32 yards in the 4-shot. However, after 2 minutes of official suspension, their next 6 attacks were passed, and only 16 yards were advanced.

10 wins and 4 negative Denver Musa have been forced to the edge of the cliff, and if you can’t get a good performance recently to prove yourself, the location of the United Jione West is or will let the Kansas chief from the later home. Replacement Quad Boulevock-Osweiler (PEYTON Manning) is incorporated by the team’s attack, and the poor performance of the Manning this season, Os Ville is clearly helped by the team offensive group, and in the last passenger, Osville also looked at 4 to the zone, such performance is enough to make the fans to rest assured . But Manning is still coming back, and the coach Gary Kubiak needs a good time. In the previous game, there are also two major stars in the wild, Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas, as long as Osville can and them. There is more chemical reactions, and there is more attention to the attack of the wild horses. For the attack, the injury will become the biggest hidden danger to drag the wild horse defense group, and if you want to go farther in the playoffs, it is extremely necessary.

11 wins and 3 losses, Cincinnati, have basically guarantee the position of the name of the United States, but the main four-point Wei Di-Dalton’s finger injury makes their playoffs once. It is good to defeat 49 people in the last passenger team in the last passenger team. He also became the first four-point guard in the University of Alabama University in NFL winning since 1987. Bama did contributing a lot of excellent players to NFL, but quiz, just saw a joke. Sitting in the most powerful running guards of the United States, Jerryi Hill and Giovani Bernard, Meng Hu’s road attack strength is indeed underestimated. A striking breakthrough responsible for far away, a Meng Huong pavement offense that has existed in the formula will become a key to the winning and losses of the game. AJ. Green Leading Montelioproves How to make a better chemical reaction with McCarlon in the absence of Dal Ton, and Meng Hu is in the next game.


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