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Defensive coordinator Xiao Ken-Norton (Ken Norton Jr.) also praised Shaquim’s performance: “He played unexpectedly. This child’s speed is more physical, and he will not repeat the wrong, every day. They are all trained. This child is serious. Yes, he is a little hand, everyone is also paying attention to this & hellip; & hellip; but he is a genuine football player, guiding his feelings is also very good. “

Shaquim told reporters: “I feel that I have a good adaptation. I am focusing on the guidance of the laughter. They are most often telling me that I don’t want to make mistakes. So I also pay attention to this & hellip; & hellip; but I still still I don’t think (I belong to NFL). I have to prove a lot of things, I need to prove myself every day. I will not satisfy the existing situation, of course, I can come here is very fortunate, but my goal is far from being realized. I want to learn More, strive to become the best players, the best teammates. “

This situation is very interesting. In the three renewal contracts that must be done in this year (Brandon Marshall, Miller and Sanders), Sanders’s contract and consider the contract of Miller More easily get it.

Wild horses will be with defensive guards Carrim Jackson signing for three years

Beijing March 12, according to Cheap nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the wild horse is expected to sign a 33 million US dollar contract with defensive guard Karem Jackson (Kareem Jackson), including $ 2.3 million security.

Bell must report to the team 10 weeks before, and each absence of the game will lead to his loss of $ 8.55 million. If he does not report the steel man before four o’clock in the afternoon, the first money will slip away.

Steel people do not withdraw the team label for running Belle

Running Weve; Veon Bell’s dismissal, the wind wave has been heating, his offensive front line teammates even publicly criticized his behavior through social media. Curreal can be summarized as: “Your achievements are all we help, we have no more you, and do you play temper here?”

The Bobby Wagner said to the reporter: “The Shaquim I saw is very outstanding. Those who have questioned his ability to be too true because of his hand, he is a good player. Every time you can see his figure on the court. He has already copied lassale, destroying several times, and can complete the killing. “

River is very clear that the best way to get the seats in the season is to win the opponents of the same district. Given that the team in this season’s entire Mira West is 2 wins and 0 losses, lightning must have a victory in them to hit the playoffs.

For the team’s quartz, Philip Rivers, a bad start does not mean, Rivers said: “We have 14 games, we have once a year, 3 wins and 1 loss After that, 3 wins and 2 losses, after winning 11 games, we also won the 11 victory after 3 wins, and there were 5 wins and 5 losses to win 6 games. Nothing needs to worry or pay attention It is only what people need to be positive. “

However, the steel man will not go out of the key step. According to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the steel man does not withdraw the team label to Bell before, and the team label will give Bell a year of 14.45 million US dollars. It is worth mentioning that the steel man has the right to do this, and this may be the result of the Hope Bakari of the Bell Brake ADisa Bakari.

Previously, the Seattle Sea Eagle Exterior Trip-Baldwin and the renewal contract on San Diego lightning be signed by Keenan Allen may make the horses and Sanders’s renewal negotiations. And the human resources that are single-in-law to continue to continue, and the wild horses are not from the heart.

Sanders is not the only player return to the Jirai offensive group. Their main right cut Austin Pasztor will complete the first first starting this season, which is an immediate upgrade for the Americas tiger’s bad offensive front. The third grade player fractured in the preseason. The player rotation of the right truncation position is a continuous disaster for the Jaguchi. Paste is more excellent in passing through the shower, and his next game should be able to give a rookie four-point Weibo Botos (Blake Bortles) for more time to stay in the quartz guard website.

Jackson was previously effective for Texas, served as overgrison and security. Although the stares of the stretching skills, his cockroaches have indeed made it quickly, and they should be quickly integrated into the defensive system of the wild horse new coachvik-Fangjio.

More interesting is that when the renewal negotiations in June, the rosal of the wild horses began to negotiate with Sanders. Now, they seem to re-turn to Miller when they renew the deadline of the privileged label. The wild horses will have a large number of star players to renew, and they have not even counted the contractual contracts.

Sanders suffered from 4 free punishment at the beginning of the season. This outer junction has been missing from the team training during the offset period. This has led to his ban. This multi-faced hand taken should be able to take a place in the buselet of the American tiger. His teammates take over Mark, and Cecil Shorts, they can’t play due to injuries. This week, faces the Pittsburgh Steelman.


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