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“I have to bring my child. How many people do this? I have the best performance on the scene. I want to question me? Does he be ready? He also loves play? What? You are crazy. You I lost my wisdom. I am training. You don’t have to question me. “

Pirate defensive cut McGao Yi tough response to its work attitudeBeijing May 7th, Tampawan pirate defensive cutas, Gerald McCoy, obviously knowing the outside world on his absence of the team voluntary break stage training and whether he is also enthusiastic about playing Doubt.

Old Wire Todd Davis is a helper that Viking. Davis is 28 years old this year, in the past four seasons, every year, at least 14 games for wild horses. He and the Viking Protocol Coordinator Gary Kubiak have worked in the 2015, the 2016 season.

External handlert-Qui Din became a draft “None of Mr.”Washington Red Slip Satur Taking the last draft of the 2018 elected rights & mdash; & mdash; No. 256 and mdash; & mdash; letting Nanwei University universities take-up Trey Quinn has become irrelevant.

Tom Brady has lost 5 games in the first 12 games in the season since 2009, and he sets a new high since 2006. Pirate coach Bruce Alianz did not avoid criticism of its quadrants. He said that when he succeeded to get the ball space, Braddy could not successfully complete the pass.

Quiin made a breakthrough in the final season, and completed 114 battles to get 1236 yards 13 times. At first, he chose to join the Louisiana State University, but after the 2015 season, he went to the Nankai University University.

Breddy currently has four games and 1 time adjustment status of 1 time, and sprints to the season after the last month. We will pay attention to the 43-year-old he can also play magical performance in Alius.

In the game lost to the chief, Braddy’s offensive group was too long to enter. They only completed 3 conversions in 9 three-end attacks, and there were 2 mistakes to hand over the ball (both Braddy passed a copy).

“I just think if you are Tom Braddy, I believe in me, you will prefer to have a flattening coach in the open space and occasionally speaking, not like the best 20 years in the history of wholesale nfl jerseys history, the coach is There will still be always praised you behind the scenes. “

Dedz – Brian special post-Running Just a few days ago Darlas Cowboy’s boss Jones Jones, DEZ BRYANT, is more than a superman, and the recent team main coach Jason-Garrett said, cloth Rynet has been recovered in surgery.

Galle is hints, Bryant has started a lightweight running training after surgery. Of course, he has not returned to the training ground. Garret said: “Don’t give him stress, he will slowly recover, he still can’t run the route now.”

Although Braddy has recently poor state, the 28 passed reaches of this season are new high in the first 12 games in the season since 2016. The only difference was that he was only 2 passes in the first 12 games.

“Aliis has been very high and the level is very high, and it is very knowledgeable, and it is also very controlled: such as Peiton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. He. It is very acceptable to Brady. I know people trying to shape this situation into Alius and Braddy, but Alius said that these words I said did not criticize Brradi. Alios Tell me, & lsquo; he has become more comfortable every week. We are approaching success. & Rsquo; he seems to fully support Tom Braddy. “

“This is the words of Bruce – Alianz to me,” Hilver said. “He said, & lsquo; Tom-Breddy now chooses all the offensive. & Rsquo; he said that Braddy is in the conference of the week, when he gather, he will do this before kicking. He said, & lsquo; Use his choice of tactics. We just have to behave better. & Rsquo; “


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