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In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, Allen did show the signs of progress, and his mushroom capabilities were also valuable. But he still has a long way to go. The current question is whether he can continue to make progress, reach the height of the fans and Bill.

Allen led to the view of the polarization in fans and experts. Some people think that Allen will never become an excellent quarter-off, the reason is that he is unstable. They believe that some experts still hold the judgment before the draft, and do not want to recognize the shortcomings of Allen.

49 people midline Wei Ru Ben – Foster encountered brain shock

Beijing August 26th, today’s preseason, 49 people mid-line Wei Renben-Fost (Reuben Foster) due to injury. He is likely to wait until the third week of regular season.

In the offset period and the lightning signed a 1-year bid contract, he made the best performance in the short career last season. He started all 16 games and achieved the highest 208th ball, 810 yards and 4 times.

49 people defensive guard Jimmy Ward also left the game for injury, reported that he encountered the four-headed muscles injury. Due to Richard Sherman as the first corner returning, Ward did not appear to be in the player of the defensive group. He hurt his leg when he played at the special group.

In the new season, Manman is still in the depth of the lineup and is an unknown number. Lightning Games include Kan Nan – Allen, Xiu Mike – Williams, Tyrell Williams, Tel Avis Benjamin And near-end Hunter Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates. The depth of lineup in this position is one of the best in the league.

“I think this is understandable,” he said. “Before you can cancel the question, this sound will continue to appear. I think that, as I thought, I would like to prove myself in the team. I think he continues to do this, showing his teammate and strength.”

Bill’s lineup has reached the level of the playoffs, they need young starting quartzwheel to continue to grow into a real fan player. Bill continued to reinforce lineup during this year, but Allen is still changing.

“He can do anything. He can do anything. He is still going to the team base in the morning, and still doing something to join the Emirates.” Mahmus said in an interview with cheap nfl jerseys TV. . “I chat with him, he said that he did not slow down. He is excited about the future. I assure you that he will still think of many offensive tactics every day.”

Of course, the success of the chief is not just the credit of Mahms. He believes that the team’s performance is beneficial to the Riddard and the coaching group not only played his strength, but also played the strengths of our teammates.

This mixed war is a strong snoring of the raid armor, Morris Claiborne, who has been strong, Cleiborn, who has just been in MYCHAL RIVERA. The collision is very proud, he said to the reporter: “I just think that someone will shoulder me, so I have completed the hug. Because of this, I will evolve into a quarrel.”

Tight schedule without a doubt affected the attitude of the Redskins. If the draft is still the beginning of Williams Redskins players, given that he has clearly expressed want to leave, the Redskins are less likely to be rewarded transaction want.

Of course, the lack of progress in recent weeks have shown that the Redskins transactions may not be what they want in return, but wait until the first round of the draft is over, so they get in return is less possibility & mdash; & mdash; especially in this year’s draft there are a lot of good offensive tackles.

49 people announced that Foster was injured and will not continue to participate in the preseason. There are only five days left in the next preseason, and Foster is almost impossible to pass the brain shock inspection process in such a short time. Coupled with the penalty of two conventional prices, Foster has to have a course for a while.

Washington Redskins and more teams to discuss the transaction left tackle Williams

Trent – Williams (Trent Williams) near the end of the day the Washington Redskins, but how would the two sides parted ways still unknown.

“I think it is because of the credit of the coach, they let the players have played the strength,” Mahms said. “I think that the retriea coach is great in this regard, playing our strengths. Not just me, there are also (Travis -) Kelps Kelce and Tatai (- Hill) (TYREEK HILL), as well as Sammy Watkins (Sammy Watkins). He played our strengths. If you look at alliance, it is not the same for each team’s offensive group. You See the offensive group of Baltimore, you see our offensive group, you see the offensive group of San Francisco. All these offensive groups have played their own players. I feel this is why you will see these attacks. The group was successful. “

On Tuesday, California Oxnard, Dallas Denim and the Auckland vaultofweird.com raid team broke out when playing practicing. In fact, this does not have news value, but special is that this melee is almost involved in the crowd.


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