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Peterson said in the broadcast show: “There is no new progress. Like you, & lsquo; to the team & rsquo; 只 虚 虚 乌.. & Hellip; & hellip; I have not started to discuss the contract with the team. I don’t know where (Reporter) gets cheap Nfl jerseys from china where, but they are just rumors. “

Jones served as the left and off at the university, recently tried to change the right cut. Isaiah Battle also injured in the preseason, daily observation, but the situation is not as serious as Jones. Carol also said that Bartel is expected to return quickly.

According to CSN reporter Scott Bair, the raid person has three teammates fight three teammates in tiratory team training on Tuesday. The first is the attack guards who have spent a big price this year. Klechi Osemele and the rookie defensive end of the army-Ward, Jihad Ward, Subsequent, then attack striker Jones – Jon Feliciano and Defensive Dragonfly Leon-Orr (Leon Orr) twisted together, then the new show striker Vadal Alexander and defensive end Monteri-Moore (DAMONTRE) Moore conflict.

Three teammates in the trip of the raidSpontaneous training in the rest period is generally warm-up, between the teammates and the gas, try to avoid fierce bodies, and always adapt. However, in the training of the raid, it seems not to be like this.

Hawks a new show cut Jones high ankle sprainOn August 14th, China lost to the preseason of Indianapolis on Thursday, Hawkswagwing five rounds of Xijie Mark Jamarco Jones encountered a severe high ankle sprain. He was injured in the pass cover of Hasaan Ridgeway, after the passenger, after the passenger, and the trolley was taken away.

This will continue to mean that the bear team determines the left offensive front line combination, Kyle Long, which has been signed with the team, and the other bear team also has Cody-White Cody Whitehair This young excellent center.

Jack Del-Rio, the coach of this raid, said that it is not clear. He said: “I don’t know if they are so big. I estimate that they may be too awkward on the weekend, or last night, watch the Warriors Thunder grabbed seven and very excited. These things happened today is a Very good lesson, these mouth corners and conflicts are unnecessary, and the idea of ​​respecting us does not match each other. These three conflict protagonists are basically a newcomer in the team. They have not understood our team culture, responsibility is all in me. I hope that we will not waste time and effort in this thing, we need tough, but not this kind of tough, comply with order is the most basic. “

Merchant Cape Spi Titsen: The team is a rumor, has not yet begun to negotiateWithin one month, the contract of the Red Rhodika Wei Titsen will expire, and the relationship with the team may also usher in the turning point. But at least so far, he is unwilling to let yourself have a rumor that will leave the team.

In 2014, the seventh round of the selection of the seventh round of the seventh round was already in a row of 29 games in the left side. Such stability is obviously very important for the bear team. They hope to be able to finally give a stable and excellent offensive front line in the future of Mitchell Trubisky.

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