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Today’s running guards is like a nanny, and when it is still a low salary; today’s running guards are more and more like smartphones, and functions must be complete and can’t calf. Take a look at this season San Diego lightning in Ryan Matthew and Wood Hyde, the offense after the injury, you can understand the importance of running guards in the offensive group, as for the question of the title of the article, the answer is not NS.

Nata, who was selected for professional bowls, once served as 3-4 defensive end, 4-3 defensive cuts and pure defensive perspectives. This all-around type can make the lion defensive coordinator Trier Austin considers to 3-4 defensive formation. We believe that the lions will extend the contract of Nata and reduce his salary cap space in the 2015 season. Martin Mayhew, Martin Mayhew, is very good to replace Su, although Nata Bi Su is 3 years old and is more leveling more levels than Su.

The 49th Super Bowl is set up in American history

This super bowl will inevitably leave a concentrated color of the ink, not only from its contest, www.rotao.gr and it is more related to its influence. According to NBC introduction, this super bowl sets a record record of American history. A total of 1.14 million viewers watched this game, more than 1,100 million 11.22 million viewers in Super Bowl of 48th.

John Elway, General Manager and Operation of Wild Hema, said: “Vance Joseph and I have seen Linqi this morning, telling him that this decision is good for both sides. We are very thankful I have contributed to the efforts of the wild horse, I wish him all the best. “

During the midrange show, a total of 1.85 million, 48.2% of families appreciate the performance of Katy Perry, and these two numbers have also set records. In addition to television, broadcasting and networks also witnessed a classic moment of this super bowl. Before and after the last one of the Seattle Hawks, there were more than 390 related information per minute on the tweet. After the patriot won the championship, this figure also reached 380,000. During the midfield, this figure is 230,000.

The senior ball of playing “Van Titsi Rugby” is understood that in the opening season, no matter how many draft websites advocate, they will definitely choose to choose the guard, so they often see the flow of Shawen Green. Wonderful Sanitary Wanwang, such as Manning, Rogers, etc., is this? Because the running guard is the most stable, it can contribute to the stable Vanti score, and other positions are relatively risky, so you often have a unique clock, but today, cheap nfl jerseys from china has two cruel reality.

Washington red skin left cut knee no surgery

US time Thursday, Washington Red Leftati Trent Williams made a nuclear magnetic resonance for his injured knee. The good news is that his knee injury does not need surgery, and recovery only one week, that is to say he can participate in the sixth week of the team after the round week.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, the wild horse has notified Lin Qi will cut him. The team officially confirmed this news. In order to fill the vacancy, the wild horse claims the four-point Wei Kevin-Hogan, which is abandoned by Hongki.

As a backcrotive, most teams in the league use speed-faster external hands or angular guards. But recent seasons, like Srusls, Nair-Davis, Fauch-Vitak, Ben Ni-Corning Han, is more and more more and more more and more They don’t have the top vertical speed, but there are more ball exercises in the usual training. This means that they are born with betterballs than the outer hand and the corners, and the pursuit of a steady coach. The more willing to let the running guards as a backcronyer.

In addition to the first running guard, the alliance almost all the teams will be equipped with two three-speed running guards. Which team is not so embarrassed to say hello. As the name suggests, the three-speed running guards are often the running guards of the three gear, and the ballistics ability is naturally the focus of their value.

If Lin Qi is a sword, Naler Shaun – McCay is another style. Looking at his game is just like appreciating ballet, he is able to shuttle between defenders, half a second After the hour, I can find the vacancy to move to the other side. The defenders can’t touch their jersey, and even this guy has brought the instantaneous properties, it is worth mentioning that the last quarter McCoo also completed 75 breakthroughs. Hug.

Relevant personnel disclosed that the peak value of viewing people appeared in the eastern time at 9:45 to 10:00, a total of 20.8 million viewers witnessed the new England patriotic reversed score in the case of falling after 10 points. 47.5% of the total number of households in the United States watched this game and founded a new high since 30 years. Boston is the highest-priced city in the United States, and Seattle is parallel.

The wild horses chose to Lindi in the first round of 2016, but he did not play the performance of people in the past two seasons. He has played 5 games, and 4 of them were first, the first record was 1 won. 3 losses, 128 passed the ball to complete 79 times, pushing 729 yards, got 4 reached, 4 times. He was also killed 18 times, dropped 4 times, two of whom were got by the opponent.

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