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“I have never clustered to the president or any representative NFL office is called & lsquo; the person who is in the event of the incident & rsquo;” Declaration of the team in the team is in the team. Express. “It is wrong about the news about me to Roger.”

Ram defensive cutoffs: I have been paying attention to Bradford

Beijing August 4th, the ram, the ndamukong suh, is a very careful player, which is to participate in the draft with him, and grab the champion to squeeze the supreme position of the 2010 year. Current tit, four points, Sam – Bradford.

Since 2013, head coach Bruce Arians joined the Cardinals, Palmer has the fourth highest winning percentage in all of the starting quarterback. You’re not wrong, he nearly two years after winning 72.7% of the Russell – Wilson (78.1%), Peyton – Manning (78.1%) and – Tom Brady (75%). And the three have won the Super Bowl.

Mustang coach: Manning is good for new offensive systems

In a preseason in the 23rd of Beijing Time, Denver’s wild horse defeated Houston destanies at 14:10, and completed two consecutive victories. The core quarter of the wild horses in the game ushered in the first show in the competition, and he won the 52 yards in the game in the game, and the average will only get 3.7 yards every time.

Not only Dal Ton is criticized by people, and Hue Jackson has also suffered from the outside world, Jackson said in an interview with ESPN: “I and Dalton is closely related, so people I am also normal. I am responsible for the team attack, he is not good to be embarrassed, natural I will be, this is just a matter of course. “

The crow boss denies the pressure to maintain the “venting door” punishment

Baltimo Crow Board Steve – Steve Bisciotti has issued a declaration to deny that it is maintained to the NFL President Roger Gudel (Roger Goodell) to maintain the four-point guardian Tom-Brea Tom Brady reported four-game penalty report.

Although this is only a lot of presence, Manning still has a lot of time to continue to work with the whole team, but this still exposes the fact that Manning is currently stunning. Kubiak said: “The team is inevitably experienced by some pain, but we will definitely get better and better. I will go back to study the competition this year, but I think we have a lot in some respects this game. progress.”

Tiger offensive coordinator is Dalon: I also have a fault

In this week, Sincona’s hometown is mainly in the game, the main four-point guardian Di Dalton is extremely downturn. Only 10 passes successfully, the success rate of passing the ball is only 30.3, cheap jerseys pass the ball The score is bleak to only 2.0 points, and the three data sets the low value of personal career, cheap jerseys From china and directly leads to the tiger to defeat to Brown.

However, Jackson also said that the team’s current problem is temporary. He said: “We didn’t take the idea of Dalton, my job is responsible for helping Dalton adjustment status. We will always help him guide him, Let him become better. “

Points in the competition:

In Sunday, the black panther’s hoppy will be greater. The steel man should pay attention to the control of the mistake, and the foul question of the second-line defense, facing the Black Leopard’s defensive frontline Greg Hardy, Charles Hardy, the steel man offensive front line can stand huge Pressure, whether the ability is regression, passing a good ball, whether Bell is still stably, escaped from the long distance of the inspirational gas. And revealed that the black leopard, Newton in the face of steel people’s weaknesses and Allen, Cortez Allen, and the Benjamin’s connection can be used to perform the long code. One of the points.

Turbia was interviewed after the game: “I think he is very good, our team members have not given him a sufficient support, and several three-speed conversion is due to the ball and failure. But I think I think He is still excellent in combing attack. “

I do not think the Panthers are a complete team, their offensive group still missing several components. And the lack of depth (although this year’s rookie Devin Funchess could become a reliable player) in Kelvin Benjamin behind the catcher position.

For those who are succeeded, Su has been remembering in my heart, and every time I have a team of Bradford, he is extra excitement. This year, the second week of the ram will hit the red tick, Su has been caught up.

Black Leopard: Running the start of the starting marketer, Deangelo Williams, there is still no message to continue to play. The last game, Calvin – Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) had a beautiful one-handed catch, but at the same time sell the ball three times in the offseason, lost more than reliable wide receiver, rookie Benjamin has become the main access Ball, although there is a good play in the first game but as a rookie habit, it is impossible to avoid, Newton’s most trusted point or Greg Olsen, which is also very stable in the first two. Newton in the second injury, in the case of losing Williams, the performance is still, the junction is combined, leading the team to defeat the lion.


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