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Although the current Texas people will be 3 wins and 2 losses, but Osville is not able to achieve people’s expected performance. It is reported that the weekly team meeting at Osville and the head coach Bill Aublin (Bill O & # 39; Brien) There is a tense relationship.

Some reporters revealed that Osville was watching the fifth week of the competition in the team meeting to oppose the decision of the head of the tactical password (O’Brien took over the team’s offensive tactics.), There were a loud dispute between the two.

Bris is expected to be the third four-point guard that win all the teams.

On the 1 week of this season, when Pedon-Manning led Dan Buddha Horse 31 to 24, after defeating Indiana pony, he became the second NFL history defeated all 32 teams.

And this week, Dru BREES will be expected to enter this club. On Monday Night Tournament, the Saint team will host the Bal’s Mosa, the crow is also the only team that Brissen, the only team that has not won (he once defeated the Saint San Qi San Qi in the 2004 season. ).

Brown’s entire investigation team came to Los Angeles, including the coach-Jackson, General Manager John Dorsey, even the boss Jimmy-Haslam. The giant sent the coach Pat Shurmur and the offense coordinator Mike Shula.

Aman Dora is one of the patriot names. He has a contract with Dolphin’s contract with a $ 2 million contract in March last year. It is a pity that progress in cooperation with Ryan Tannehill and Brock Osweiler is not smooth.

In the 3-game competition against the crow team, Briscite built 920 yards and 6 times to reach the 920 yards, but at the same time. Bris also frankly difficult to say: “We don’t care about the game, I want to take it every game. However, it is very difficult to defeat every team.” Indeed, they have been connected to their home in their home recent The San Francisco 49 people team and http://Www.Driftpedia.com/wiki/index.php/Ten_Romantic_Cheap_Nfl_Jerseys_From_China_Vacations Cincinnati were lost in 24 to 27, 10 to 27. If the game will lose again, they will live in the super dome stadium since 2001.

BRES said this week when he was interviewed by the crow team: “I am very clear, I am confrontating with the crow in the 03, 06 and 10 season. Thank you reminder.” The news on the network was also transmitted. The crow is officially introduced: “Baltimore Grace is the only team that Bris is not winning.”

Although it can be considered that Brad’s continuous calves have embarrassed the potential East, he has always been one of the most efficient running guards in the alliance. Although the last six games were absent last season, he ran all the running guards 6 times.

Brown has this year’s draft-shaped yuan signed and the fourth time, they expect to use the champion to pick four-point guard. The giant has not yet been determined to select the four-point guard with an eye on, but they may be willing to pick Eli Manning’s successor in this location.

Alliance spokesperson Monday to the NFL official website to face the punishment of Braddam to face a competition due to violation of the Alliance Drug Abuse Ordinance. This running guard refuses to plead guilty for the allegations carrying marijuana.

Texas people will be near the end Koli-Lee trading to the bear team

Houstown Dexas people announced near the Termali-Lee trading to the Chicago bear on Wednesday, exchanged a 6-year-old 2017. In addition, Texas also cut off another close-end Brumb-Anner (Blake Annen).

Tom Brady has defeated all 31 teams except the New England Patriots, unless the Patriot team traded him, he should not join this record. Michael Vick To complete this record, you need to defeat Green Bay packaging, New England Patriots and Seattle Hawks.

Southern Sanitary Sanitary Tanovo and Brown and Giants

Sam Darnold The show day of the show in the rain, the NFL official website expert and the praise cheap jerseys from china almost every team audience, including the first two-step Cleveland Brown in front of the draft. And New York Giants.

The Chicago Bear is currently competitive in the near-end front. It is currently registered with Martellus Bennett, Bell Pask (Bear Pacoe), Zach – Miller (Zach Miller) and Dante Rosario, etc. players. However, because the bear team is currently not good at the near-end of the ball, Li still has a small opportunity to stay in the final list. Lanc Zierlein, once took Li Bi, Donal (Larry Donell, Giants).

Kali-mouse is a rookie this year, and he won the 71 yards 5 times in the first three games in the new season. In addition, he was widely known because of the “harden training camp” (Hard Knocks). It was widely known. Bill O & Rsquo; Brien.


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