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Cowboy deal acquired Ward

The name of the cowboy has experienced a lot of changes in these two days. In the three-wheeled sign, Michael Gallup is used, and after the trading, the Tavon Austin is obtained, and the denim will be Renz. Ryan Switzer sent a raid person, exchanged the defensive front line member Jihad Ward.

GMI wrote this paragraph on his instagram: “Why is a person who is in a low period? I have to make up my foot? My brother is now in the lowest life of life, replaced by Not blessing him and his family, but looking for more ways to hurt him, and everything he did is so hard. Everyone’s life has been very bad, but there is one If you do this, what is your person? We should realize your mistakes. But there is a chance you have not received redemption, I don’t think this is right, but I won’t sit to look at my friend. One person will bear these. I want to stand up to question NRHS activities. If you want to remove Rice’s jersey, please remove my jersey together !!! Rice has done so many and you Returning to him is hurt, I will ask if you hear it? You don’t need to agree to the behavior of others, only if you need it, you will understand. “Everyone should ridicule Look at my point of view.

The inconsistency between Williams and the red skin has been long. His potential part of the Willin, one of the Willin, who has chosen offensive cut off in the second round, and wipes the possibility of working in Minnesota, and also gave Lynch Opportunities.

However, for the ram defensive groups currently serve as the first security guards of TJ McDonald and Rodney McRold (Rodney McLeod), this is another one that is active. I am interested. Lobport reported that the ram gave up the four-point Guce-Keen (Case Keenum) to come to Bagongteng out of space. Baron is not particularly excellent in anti-transmission and anti-running, but Burong will have a new start in the new defensive system in charge of Jeff Fisher, which is his so many years. The third team staying.

Labport mentioned the Pirates in the morning of Tuesday, 2012 cheap nfl jerseys from china draft, the seventh time selected by Baron, after the University of Alabama spent a wonderful college career, he only completed 37 times in the past 37 Second copy. His manifestation was ranked 66th place in PRO Football Focus, which is difficult to meet his own first round of players.

“Before the draft is still a little surprised & mdash; & mdash; but he has been in contact with us. We know that Stalley may not continue to fight, this is also very difficult to find us. But ultimately we successfully won Williams, It is like this selection, which is like a brown. I believe that we have the opportunity to become a better team this year. “

Switz is not long in cowboy. This height is 173cm, and the external hand of 84kg is the 2017 cowboy five-wheeled show. He played 16 games, completed 6 battles, and advanced 41 yards. He is worthy of praise in the attack on the special team, 29 abandoned kicks and advances 256 yards, and achieved 1 time. 24 times a kickback rebounded 600 yards.

Brown’s center Joe-Thomas said last week, Manzell won the trust of teammates. Thomas explains: “I am uncertain about how to explain if he lost our trust, but the most important thing after returning is still our support, everyone in the team is his life. important part.”

Not fair: Rice front team friendly asked mappie to withdraw the Rice jersey

Ray Rice’s Former New Ordhel High School and the teammates of Rogas University Caten Green Ni Greene demanded that he was removed from the jersey in the Jirai period from the honorary wall.

Safety Weight – Donte Whitner and line Wenda Karlos – Dansby (Karlos Dansby) said: “It’s too young to know what is going to do, this can only make him a person, then he To learn to be a American football player. I am looking forward to his return and his changes. “

The defensive end Muhammad – Muhammad Wilkerson has not participated in training, but he has finally played in the event of training in the past few weeks. When he got his first killing of the season on Sunday. Running Matt Forte is restricted to participate in training.

NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that the pirates have reported the first safety guard to St. Louis ram before the US Eastern Tuesday, Classificados.Condominiocolibri.Com.Br Tuesday afternoon time. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport indicates that the ram will be exchanged to a four-wheel sign and a six-round sign according to the pirate message.

Cleveland Brang player evaluation Manze returns

The biggest news this week is Mo Cleveland Brown to change the new jersey. However, since the team was selected from the team last year, Brown’s topic was always him.

Creborn failed to participate in Monday training due to foot injuries. On Sunday, he was very good for the performance of Julio Jones. After Daryl Roberts, Darel Roberts, Jones completed a 53 yard, which was his greatest contribution to his game.


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