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REGISTRATION WILL ON AUGUST 17TH AND WILL Close 7 Days prior to the designated Tournament Date or When the Tournament Reaches Its Maximum Capacity.

TEAMS MUST CONSIST OF AT Least Eight (8) Players with a maximum of ten (10) Players.

Note: Teams Are Eligible To Participate In Multiple Regional Tournaments. However, Each Player Can Only Play ON ONE Team Per Tournament.

Space for Each TourNament IS Limited. Registrations Are Made ON A First Come, First Serve Basis, SPE, FIRST Serve Basis.

THERE WILL BE A 1,000 RMB Registration Fee Per Term to Participate Per Regional Tournament. This 1,000 RMB TORNAMENT Entry Fee Is Non-Refundable.

Locations and site dates / Times Are Subject to change.

Players & Rsquo; Ages Will Be Reviewed As of August 1st of The Current Year. A Player May Play Up Into An Older Division Butnot Play Down Into a younger division.

Each Team Will Be Provided with a set of ten (10) NFL flag Team Jerseys Upon Tournament CHECK-IN. NFL FLAG JERSEYS MUST BE WORN AT All Times During Tournament Play.

City Champions from Each Age Bracket Will Receive Champion Tees, Medals and Certificates.

TourNament Format:

Each Team Will Play At Least 3 Games in Group Pool Play.

In Pool Games, Teams Are Awarded Two Points for a Win and ONE for A DRAW.

Playoff Qualification and SEEDING Are Based on Team & Rsquo; s Win-Loss Record During pool play.

In case of two teams entering Playoffs with the same ranking, tie break is determined by the result between respective teams & rsquo;. Previous match-up, eg winning team from respective match-up is seeded ahead If the previous match-up came to a tie . The Team Which Scores The Most Points in Pool Games Is Seeded Ahead.

Regional Tournament Registration. Further Tournament-Regrated Details, Such As Game Schedule and Player Check-in, Will Be supplied Closer To Tournament Dates.

All tournament participants must complete and agree to the NFL FLAG tournament waiver (provided as part of the online registration process). Participants ages 16 and above may consent to their own waivers. Participants ages 15 and under will not be permitted to play without a tournament Waiver Completed and Agreed to by a PARENT / Guardian Either As Part of The Online Registration Process or the on-site tournament check-in process.

“I think I have no chance,” Aiken expressed. “When an injury like things I had a chance, but that’s not really allow me to show their strength has improved or participate in a lot of opportunities to attack more opportunities like this & lsquo;. We’ll let him in the special unit then take a look at what position he played for the offensive group & rsquo;. this is the feeling when I was playing for the Ravens. “

49 people coach: the team’s poor performance is not related to the influence of the superb bowl.It seems that the failure of the superb bowl in the early years affects the fate of the San Francisco 49-year-old season.

“I think this is depressed,” 49 Coach Kel Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan) received a team of Los Angeles. “As you said, the influence of superb bowl loss, you have to respond to such important issues, especially if you don’t have any breakfast training, it will be more longer, because we are in the super bowl Return training is in training camp. So this is indeed a very important issue. “

Say Singer Jay Z recently visited the pirate training ground, gave him a pirate jersey on the site, and Jay Z gave each other a warning, he said: “I know, I am coming to replace you. “Of course, this is just a joke.

Mahouyiken have the opportunity to join a small foreign disappointing former first-round pick to take over Phillips – Dorset (Phillip Dorsett) competition playing time. Aiken to serve as comprehensive as well as any catcher role in the ability to catch the red zone is well suited pony offensive group.

BJ Registration

NFL flag football – beijing tournament & amp; registration guide

All football fans ages 9-18 + have the opportunity to compete in Regional Tournaments around China Winning teams from each age bracket will advance to their respective City Final Championships City Champions from the University Men & rsquo;.. S bracket will qualify to play in University Bowl Vii. Dates and Locations Are Released on flag.nflchina.com.


THE PLACE, 9 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District


September 12nd – 13rd & ndash; Pool Games (University Men Elite Group)

October 24th – 25th & ndash; TournamNet (9-12 YO CO-ED, 13-15 YO CO-ED 16-18 YO CO-ED, 18 + YO CO-ED)

November 7th – 8th – City Final (9-12 YO CO-ED, 13-15 YO CO-ED 16-18 YO CO-ED, 18 + YO CO-ED)

NOTE: Registration Age As of August 1, 2015

The 1,000 RMB Tournament Team Entry Fee Includes:

Ten (10) NFL Flag Team Jerseys

Ten (10) Wilson Junior Footballs

Ten (10) sets of Wholesale Nfl jerseys flag belg Belts

Two (2) Coaches Polos

All Team Kit Items to Be Distributed Upon Tournament Check-in. NFL Flag Jerseys and Belts Must Be Worn At All Times During Tournament Play.

Participants must bring their own mouth guards for the tournament. NFL FLAG will not provide mouthguards. Mouthguards must be worn at all times during tournament play. Failure to do so will result in player being suspended from the game until mouthguard is worn.


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