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White received an interview: “I can bet I have every money, I will continue to play at the Falcon.” White will receive 6 million US dollars in the 2016 season. If the team will get a $ 2.5 million gold space.

NFL published: “Saturday’s new crown virus detection, there are multiple positive results by various teams responsible for the same laboratory in New Jersey. We are investigating these results together with our testing partners. The team strives to confirm or eliminate positive results. The team has immediately adopted the appropriate precautions listed in the NFL-NFL Ball Workers Health Safety Regulations, including contact tracking, isolating individuals and temporarily adjusting the schedule. Other laboratory responsible for NFL detection There is no similar result. “

The alliance will consist of four old freelants. It is reported that the 32 team representatives from NFL will also have a spring league game, and the spring league will begin at 4 and 5th, ending on April 26.

Perriei Lu reported that more than 100,000 new crown virus detection have been carried out since the beginning of the training camp. The positive rate is less than 1% and it continues to fall. He said: “The different test locations treated by the same laboratory suddenly appeared in a large number of positive results. This caused attention.”

Sprtrols is one of the highest and efficient engraving, and has a good attack. At present, his full purpose proposal number (including the ball, the ball, the ball, the attack, the copy, the ball attack, etc.) rank history 8th.

Previously, Manzer had sent a message to express himself worthy of a chance to return to the stadium, so I don’t know if he can prove my ability to be in the professional course through this opportunity?

Peterson has not held a full-time back to attack since 2015, and the first two years of red rickets have been on special occasions. In the 2016 season, he displays the attacking rule 6.2 in 13 times, and the next season was 19.8.

New crown test results have an abnormal multi-team change or cancel trainingWholesale Nfl Jerseys TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that because New Jersey’s the same laboratory had an abnormality in new crown virus test on Saturday, multiple teams change or cancel training.

Spring League official to Juni-Manze del delivery invitationBack in December last year, news about the new spring league is about to be well known in the spring this spring. Although the alliance is not supported by NFL, the founder of the league consists of a group of NFL players.

“The role of the special team is very important. I also hope that all players understand this.” Wilkes said at the introduction of Jeff Rodgers, “Jeff Rodgers,” Wilkes “,” I want Peterson “in the introduction of Jeff Rodgers. Responsible for all abandoned kicks? Don’t, he and Luke Kuechly’s role is similar. The special group needs him, but he does not take the main task, we need to have selective, arrange him In the important turn. “

Slim squatting is a family horn, Gestneson or get more attack opportunitiesPatrick – Peterson (Patrick Peterson) is arguably one of the best return man contemporary punt, but the risk increases due to injury, the Cardinals the last two seasons he did not let too much to assume such a position.

After the packaging workers rushed two days, Daniels got a new job. According to NFL NetWork reporters, Daniels will sign with the lions a year of $ 9.1 million, including $ 7.8 million to take yourself.

The current defensive front line line of the lion is also worth looking forward to. They used Trey Flowers to take Trefullis, Ezekiel Ansah, and the best lineup level defensive cut off Dagun-Harrison. DA & RSQUO; Shawn Hand and Ai Shawen Robinson (Shawn Robinson) will continue to stay.

New York jet emerges in 10 cases of false positive results. According to the coach Adam Gase, despite their training frequently in Weekly, they have canceled their warm-up on Saturday and they can’t determine if they have been trained before Sunday morning.


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