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Belselle has a reliable player who came in the anti-pharmaceutical formation in the rising red narrative in recent years. He defeated the 49 people in San Francisco in the last week, replaced the injured corner, Jerrod, Balls (JERRAUD) Powers’ appearance and will continue to serve as this role in the end of the game of Saint Louis. Only once a career only, Belselle was a player who stood out in the second line of patron.

Fisher is the 2013 Yunxiu, and his career has played 117 games, Welcomeship.Org and 113 were first. But he recently injured frequently. After the injury in 2019, he was absent for half a season last year, he was in the United States championship in the Meidian Championship.

Gronoski and Crow Safety

We all know that all the teams of NFL have a headache for Rob Gronkowski. The professional bowl level has a superior hand and unparalleled body confrontation capability, which has become New England. One of the strongest offensive weapons of the patriot, and it seems that the second-line defense of the Baltimore Crow has no way to stop him from score below one-on-one.

After the Patrick Peterson, PATRICK PTRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PTRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK STARTING START STRU has been with defensive guards, while as a special group player selected a professional bowl of Justine-Belsell (Justin Bethel) Signed 3 years of contract. Sources reported to NFL official website reporters Ian Libot, which said the contract is $ 15 million, including 9 million US dollars, and 1.8 million US dollars. Lobport was informed with Bessel to renew the team as a “priority”.

Despite the coach Jason Garrett, he must ensure that the team will continue to win. Nearly join the team’s defensive end Michael Bennett also has the same idea. The loss of the biopsy made him a fierce closed speech on the team’s locker room, and his voice sounded to the journalist who even the dressing.

“The champion will be remembered,” Bentet said when he was asked and said to his teammates. “They don’t remember who get the biggest contract. Many great players got a big contract, but they won’t be remembered as a champion. The champion is a person who gets the gold cup and jacket. They understand what to win. This is a mentality This is a strong ability to play in a difficult situation. “

According to his high-end group performance, Besper, who had the expiration of the contract, also responded to a new contract after the end of the season. The value of contracts may be higher than some people, but the rock clearly shows their feelings for Bessel potential.

Lightning left cut off – Dun Dunlap is unnecessary roughness of 15 yards after the Clark is judged from the people’s pile. He said to the media that he didn’t want to see this incident but wanted to protect the Rivers after hearing the teammate toward Clark shouting. “The guy pressure in Philip, he is our quarter-off,” Dun Ru said. “I don’t hesitate to protect the quarterfield.”

At the high school team played a good Bayser, the defending group of Bessel reached 210 files in the career, according to the professional football focused on net data, his score ranked twins in the League Corner.

Rivers were killed by the Hawie player Jordan Hill in this attack, but Clark was attacked after the end of the attack. This attacked action was more concerned about the lightning player. “That is our quarter-off,” Lightning striker D. J. Fusk (D. J. Fluker) said. “We must protect the treasures of our offensive group.”

The new manager of the jet is resigned from two university scouts

Last week, Mike Maccagnan became the new general manager of the New York Jet, as “new officials took office three fires”, and McGargan immediately adjusted the team management. He resigned two university scouts last weekend, and the two were Terry Bladeway and 13 years of Jeff Bauer, respectively. It can be described as a high work.

After the old Anthony Castonzo retired, the left trial became the vacancy of the pony needs to fill. At present, the pony has already had a professional bowl of central Relien-Kelly, the best lineup level left padded Tunnen Nelson, the right striker and the right cutoff, respectively by Mark Glo Mark Glowinski and Braden Smith were held.

Pony signed the until the chief attack, Erik, Fischer

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, Pony has signed a $ 9.4 million contract for Eric Fisher, adding a new first quartz, Carson Wentz. Blind side protection.

McGa Gan said: “Today I notify Terry and Jeff, the team can’t be with them, we thank the two contributions to the team for more than 10 years, and I wish them can be Future to find satisfied work. “In fact, McGarta will be prepared by the innovation, so he can act in the short year. It is reported that he also has an interest in Jacksonville, the general manager of the Jacksonville, and trying to make it a helper.

Lightning player: Haiying new Xiu Clark attack quartz Wei Rivus

Seattle Hawks defenders Frank Clark annoyed a number of San Diego lightning offensive front line players. These players claim that this Habi eagle tried to attack the latter when it was shouted in the front of the two teams.


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