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Cheap nfl jerseys Media Reporter Ian Rapoport said that Smith will be resended next week before Sunday, but the lucky performance of Vik zero will soon make a decision to make Lien coaches. This is very much to explain Ryan’s view of Smith, and also exhibit changes in how to end the team 8 links.

At the beginning of the game, the ram obviously plans to make Galley and C.J. Anderson (C. J. Anderson). Galley came to the top 8 of the game, and Anderson appeared in the subsequent 8-speed attack. Golley then appeared in the last 6-speed attack in the first half, and the first half of the ram is stagnant, only the 57 yard has achieved 2 first attack. Galley appeared in the first 2 waves of the ram next half, and the only wave score in the ram was attacked in Anderson instead of Galli.

Jet will continue to arrange Vic’s first quarterNew York Jet Ryan Rex Ryan lost to the Kansas Emirates this week, it means that the team’s first four-point Wei Mike Vic Vick is well completed. The task, as long as you keep your health, he will continue to start with the Pittsburgh’s steel person next week.

Despite still failure, Victor’s excellent performance helps jets play a rare wonderful game: the position of the quadrant is no longer their short board. This game Vic 28 passed 21 times, the number of codes reached 196 yards and completed 1 time, more importantly, Vik did not have any mistakes. Vik was injured in the fourth head, but he just missed 1 attack after it. During this time, the team accompanied by the main quadrotena-SMIS (Geno Smith) was quoted by Matt Simms.

Because in the game they lost a valuable three points, because the half-section of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard in the game – Sherman (Richard Sherman) The kicker Dan – Carpenter (Dan Carpenter) hit He has not been out of foul penalty referee.

Pirate defensive core this week is expected to hurt the sceneThis week, Tampawan pirate core line Wendt-David said to the reporter that he had a confidence in this week with Cincinnati tiger’s game. David was absent from the leg injury to the game last week, and he returned to training this Friday and his performance. David revealed that he had been born because of injury.

After the game, Ryan directly Sherman said:. “You play to play like a butt,” 赛后谢尔曼 Ryan said he did not hear myself say these words, but even heard it will not affect him, but the Seahawks coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) sit still, Carroll said: “I just hope he can manage his team and that’s it, control your own people.”

Galley said that such an arrangement was not related to the last 2 weeks of the routine season. He repeatedly said that his knees were “hunt”. He also believes that it does not need to recover for a long time in the offset period.

In this competition, Galley has a poor play, just completed the 10-time mushroom, and the longest one of them advanced 16 yards. In addition, he only completed 1 ball, the result is a loss of 1 yard. After the game, he said that he did not feel dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities.

David said: “It is a painful thing that can only sit on the scene. I am a kind of suffering from me. I want to participate in the competition, and I will work hard with my teammates. I think I am a tenacious person.” The head coach Lovie-Smith (Lovie Smith) did not have David himself, and he revealed that the team would make the final decision before the game. But Smith also said that David’s training is very good, and it is a great encouragement for the team. Smith believes that if David may play, it will provide great help for the defensive group of the pirate.

Smith said: “He has already resumed very well, very close to the appearance. He is the best external guard of the league, he can accurately find the position of the ball, full speed from moving the opponent. This is very important for a line guard. “

“No, this is nothing. This is the team’s movement,” Galley said. “There are 11 people on the field, not everyone can have a ball. We still have completed an excellent season. No matter how the last result is, I feel lucky. I am grateful to take the super bowl.”

In the end, Galley participated in most of the attacks when the ram was backward and difficult to pumet. The whole game was 40 files (66.7%) and Andon came to 20 files. Of course Andon did not grab a limited opportunity, he completed 7 shots to get 22 yards.


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