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According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the eagle selection before the crow took over Mike Wallace before the signing. Wallace will sign a contract of $ 2.5 million, including a contract of incentive bonuses.

The person who accused Foster is still his ex-girlfriend, this woman said that she was lying for withdrawal. Report pointed out that she is interested in participating in the investigation of Foster. And Foster himself said that the withdrawal is because “witnesses are credible”.

The old eagle has now been 4-10-1, and the performance is difficult to satisfactorily. Although rookie four-point guards Hurz (Jalen Hurts) showed excellent, according to reports, Lori was not satisfied with this record, which also led to a variety of guess for Pedson’s handsome.

The team star came out of the Landel-Koball Cobb, in the first quarter, in the sidewalk, then he felt uncomfortable, he left the game and did not return. However, according to the NFL official website reporter, Ian RapoPort reported that Kobe’s teammates believe that his injury is not a problem, just a slight sprain, is not a cracked rupture of the outside. The Kubbles he said in an interview: “We have to step by step now, I can know the specific injury report tomorrow.”

Packaging industry take over the shoulder is slightly injured

Green Bay Package Welcomes the third week of the preseason, in the third week of the Green Bay Package, and finally they lost their visit to the Philadelphia Eagle in 26:39. Blocking is second, the focus is that the packaging workers have multiple main due hurts in the competition.

San Francisco 49 people striker Ben due to knee injury reimbursement

Before the start of this season, the 49 people of San Francisco attacked the front lines that had been braised, but they were pleased to know at least some of the best players, such as the sharp Alex Boone, can lead the team. Tough transition period.

In addition, the injury in the team’s main safety Wei Mika-Hyde seems to be serious. He has sent the game by the electric car during the game, and then the team revealed the Hyde neck injury. Bryan Bulaga with the torque of the ankle, but he didn’t leave the game but he didn’t leave the game in the game, and he had been talking to the teammate.

The raid person attacks the cutting of Trent – Brown once again placed in the new crown reserve list

The Las Vegas raid man is in the new crown epidemic, and after a number of violation of the epidemic prevention, one of the best players in their array will be absent cheap Jerseys from China the new crown.

But Brown is also plagued by other health problems. Before the game for the Brambrane Brown, Brown was mistaken when receiving the hanging salt water, causing air into the blood vessel and thus admitted to the hospital.

Foster was arrested in Tampa at 11.24, and 49 people are preparing to have a game against the Pirates. The second day was cut by the team the next day, and the red skin immediately claimed him. But after Foster, I was added to the list of exclamation and I can’t participate in the game.

Since Brown was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia last month, the raid person was considered to violate the new crown anti-disease regulation and was fined $ 500,000, the coach Jon Grunden was fined $ 150,000, and the raid person was also Deprinting a sixth year of next year. So far, the raids have been fined more than $ 1.2 million due to violation of epidemic prevention.

But Bo En may have already set up the last game of 49 people’s career. According to the NFL official website, Ian Rapoport reported that the inner sub-ligament of the Knee knee was sprained and reimbursed season. He does not need surgery.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the Trent Brown was again placed in the new crown reserve list and expected at least one month. The raid person said that Brown’s second place was due to complications.

He will turn attention to the free player market. Before the start of the 2014 season, Born was once won and eventually won in the trok of 49 people. He persuaded that they will move the bonus of the season in the season’s salary. Lobport reported that the contract of Bourne stipulated that he could not be tagged or a transition label, so he almost became a free player in March next year.

28-year-old Boone at the start of last season was more than the main sentence of trade rumors, especially the lack of quality care front in the market and in the case of other teams starting choose not meet the requirements.


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