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Kubiak said that he hopes that Mark Sanchez spends more time and offensive first lineup, and he does not determine the first selection of the third episode. Replacement Quad Bath Paxton Lynch will debut in the second half and get a sufficient performance time.

Jiaskomini has started 37 games in the past 3 seasons, and the first two seasons in the past two seasons, but the third year was only the first five games. He also only has a $ 4.5 million contract left.

In Joseph, I was a 4-year value of $ 34 million in 4 years ago, Kareem Jackson. Now Texas ensures that Joseph will first serve the Jackson partner for the fifth consecutive season. This stable starting combination will allow Texas to gradually cultivate the first round of Show Klewen-Johnson (Kevin Johnson).

Cole said: “When I have a background board, after the substitute, I am looking forward to the return of the racket to be a full-time. I also hope to play a wonderful year, I hope to be wonderful to the occupational bowl.”

In 2019, Jackson signed a three-year contract with a wild horse, but the wild horse did not implement the third year contract option (a basic salary of 10 million US dollars). Last season Jackson completed 89 cockroaches, participated in the number of all defensive files in the wild horses (1083), one of the largest players in the team.

NBC has started using “Waiting for a whole day” since 2006 (adapted from Qiong – Jet’s famous song “I hate me” (& quot; I hate myself for loving you “). Before Andwood, Pink (PINK) (2006) and Faith Hill (2007-2012) sang this theme song.

In addition to Simmus, the wild horse has also conducted a number of operations on the defensive group: Sign up with the defensive end Sweerby-Harris (SHELBY HARRIS), and implemented the contract option of the Von Miller, the contract Ronald Darby and Kyle Fuller.

31-year-old Joseph has entered the last year of the 5-year contract that was signed with the team before the beginning of the 2011 season. During the score of the professional football focused on the earnings last season, he ranked twins in all 108 qualified participation rating.

“This song has been played for 10 years, but I don’t know how long we can use this song but will not make people feel boring.” Sunday night broadcasts the implementation of the producer Fred Gaudelli ” .

Andwood plays the sample of the new song to Gao Deli, and the latter agreed to use this song. It can be considered that this means that Andwood has more power, she is now more about the theme song than her predecessors.

Squash, Mason-Cole looks forward to return to the first lineup During the rookie season, due to A.Q. Shipley (A.Q. Shipley) knees crossed torn torn, the mason cole is replaced by him first competition.

“& hellip; & hellip; can have a year to be a substitute. In fact, it helps me, which makes me learn cheap Jerseys from china the old man, from different perspectives. & hellip; & hellip; last year I have the biggest progress in technology and performance.”


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