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Larle, who was signed with the bear for 3 years from the couredent last year, only played 7 games, in November, in November, he encountered the inside of the knee, which was reimbursed. He is still incidental in this difficult season.

This lineup is elected by the Professional Football Celebrity Voter Committee, nagaya.Vc which is a player who commemorates the best performance of the super bowl. According to the executive vice president of the Hall of Famous Hall, Joe Hollig, said in the statement that this lineup is the greatest performance in the history of the super bowl, such as Lynn Swann in the 10th Super Bowl. High difficulty ball or Joe-Montana’s winning attack on the 23rd superb bowl rate team.

However, in addition to quadruption, they also need to reinforce a lot of positions. Announcement to the outside world, you can choose the wishes of the four-point guard, and you can understand the signing of the sign, but there is a quarter-saving team. “If you want to get people, people will come to me.”

Eagle All-Star Run Weishi Takai is injured

At the first section of Philadelphia Eagle and Pittsburgh Steelman Competition, the eagle all star ran Wei Leon-McCoo McCoy has been sent to the hospital to do X-ray examination, and the results seem to be optimistic.

Also selected, famous players, Jerry, Jerry Rice, Art Shell, Jene Upshaw, Reggie White, Landy – White, Dion Sanders, Lawrence – Taylor, Frester – Gregg, Ray Guy and Larry – Larry Allen. Other selected Jay Novacek, Jake Scott, Ray Lewis and Desmond Howard.

In the array included 1 five-degree player (defending Director Charles Haley) and 10 players who won four championships: Montana, Green, Ronnie Lott, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, Mel Blount, Jack Ham (Jack Ham), Jack Lambert and the only active player are also unique to all voted Adam Vinatieri.

Vic supports Randri in this week

This week, Pittsburgh Steelman will take the residual array of Cocklivland Brown. The four-dimensional selection of the team is still unable to get an exact answer. Last week’s injured first four-dimensional-Roethlisberger put on protecting boots and wholesale jerseys absent training earlier this week, but the team officially listed him as “doubt.”

When McCoo called his team doctor after completing the first Dalun, according to NFL depth reporter Jeff Darlington reported that McCay’s X-ray examination, the result is not too bad, he tonight Will not play again. The Eagle has not come to celebrate that Dao, this bad news will pass back.

Jones has the ability to lead the team to win. He has a success rate of passing close to 60%, and it has been copied twice while completing 3 times. Optimisticly, because Brown’s defensive strength is very limited, steel people have the opportunity to win in the absence of main four-defense and running guards. At present, the goal of 5 wins and 4-negative steel people is still in the playoffs, and the team needs to continue to move in the incident of injuries.

On Friday local time, Rossley Borg has participated in some training, which seems to be a good sign. But another four-point Wei Michael Vick revealed in an interview that Landry Jones will become the team’s first four-point guard. Vic is very affirmative and express its support.

In addition to the use of the helmet, the rules related to the ball have changed, and NFL changes the position of the player’s long-term array, reducing the contents of the edge interception, and stipulates the time point of the attack at the attack.

“Although the media did not pay attention, the change of the rules of the ball did existence, I have never seen such a big change.” Mike Ore said, “people know very little about this. The limitations of the two sides of the attack are much more. I also talked with a special group coordinator. He is looking forward to the implementation of new regulations. We all think that this is good for the development of the game. But what can be done, what can be done, the rules are still very complicated, we need to be obvious Change.”

In this year, the NBC Rule Analytics will be brought to the NBC Rule Analytics, Terry McAula will also participate in the conference. He said that the potential impact of the change in the rules of the ball cannot be ignored.


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