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Brown this season once again became the best outer hand on the league. Although the team main four-point guard this season because of the injury lack a lot of time, Brown still completed 136 battles to get 1834 yards 10 times.

Wayne has endured three-year-old muscle tear, and only 3 games in the past five games have a result of 18 yards in the past five games. It is called a long period of career. In addition, Wayne is also troubled by knee injury and elbow.

In addition, the steel man also determines the runaeelo Williams (foot injury) will absence the competition, and the four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger (shoulder) is unable to determine Whether it is played.

Wayne will become a free player after the end of this season, considering his age and competitive state have been injured, plus Pony has taken down Donte Moncrief as a focus this year’s draft. Object, Wayne returned to the team in next season, it is really a lot.

This season, Tatt has completed 99 times, won 1331 yards, and the two data are high in career. Jim Caldwell said that the team focuses on each location and any location may have a corresponding change. Tatt revealed that he must practice several times a few times after each training. He hopes that it takes him in the team. In the 2013 season, Tatt participated in 51 attacks, with a total of 585 yards.

Recently, the Corolina Black Panther, who has recently, welcomes the challenge of the Kansas City chief. The first quarter of the competition is lackable, except for the black panther through any basket of shooting and the four-point walker of the chief injury, the Alex Smith is not a highlight. After entering the second festival, the black pine began to play. By running the Jonathan Stewart, the short pass of the Turpse of the Swan Kam Newton, the black panther offlines the chief 4 yards, and the Newton has completed 4 yards Cheap nfl jerseys from China the middle. The ball reaches the ball. After the off-attack, the black panther will continue to work hard, but the same offensive routine, but the final Newton used the 38-yield of Devin Funchess to pass a fatal blow. Until the end of the first half, the chief was used to score any ball shot to ensure that he would not be zero halfway. In the third quarter, the black Leopard launched a wave of approximation, but this wave had already advanced to the attack near the Aiax Zone because Newton was killed twice, and eventually had to abandon the kick. The semi-finals were completed in the fourth quarter. The Black Panther then offensive when Newton passed by the chief security Wei Rick Berry (the latter rushed into the reachable zone score after successing the black legs. At this time, the panther attack is in a state of dumb, and their abandoned a good offensive position of the chief, and the chieftain once again slammed the score by any racket. The black panther has made mistakes in the moment of the offensive group to play a key performance. Extraction of Kelvin Benjamin, when the Newton passed, when he was hugged. The chieple grabs the ball and can launch an attack on the Black Panther 29 yards. Such a distance is enough to take the time to exhaust the time and complete the 37 yards of the killing shot before the end of the game. Emirates 20-17 overcome the black panther, becoming the first and panther in the National United States. The black panther’s four-point Baion 38 passed 23 times successfully achieved 1 time to change the ball. The chief of the four-point Swan Sith 38 passed 25 times successfully passed the pass. Kick-player Cairo Santos completed 4 arbitrage.

In the interview with this Wednesday, West Wedne said that he can play the biggest wish. When one day he took the play as a job, he would choose to retire. Wayne will return to the next season, to a large extent, depending on the recovery of the operation.

Brown gave a horses in the routine season of the sect of the season, 18 passed the ball to the brown direction, he completed 16 cents to get 189 yards 2 times, this is the external connection of the wild horse defensive group this season. The best performance in your hand.

Horseshouters take over Wayne will receive triceps surgery during the offset season

Indiana pony’s meritorious old will take over Relgie Wayne, in the middle of the season, hints that he may be retired after the season, and his physical condition may force him to retire. Wayne revealed that he would accept triceps repair surgery after the end of the season on Wednesday.

Tatt said: “I really like to attack, this is very interesting. Getting the ball in the back, find the vulnerability of the opponent, try to advance, I like this feeling. The coach hopes that I can concentrate all the attention in the attack, I respect their ideas. But when the team needs me to participate in the attack, I will not help. “

Even if the big injured shoulders make him better than our expected performance, this news is a huge blow for the steel person’s winning chance. Another external hand Martavis bryant’s play completed 5 buses and a high-difficult ball.


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