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1 year agoSam Bradford knee injury restricted training

The four-dimensional Sam Bradford, Sam Bradford, Minnesota, Minnesota, has completed the best performance of career last week, but because the knee injury had to be trained.

Titan’s main coach kevin is a very good person. The character is also very good. Under his leader, the Titan team improved, and the players are more and more professional. Compared to the personal ability of the Night Eagle players, Titan’s advantage is that the team cooperation and tactics. Titan’s discipline made Kevin coaches to show their talents and confuse their opponents with tactics.

US Time this Wednesday, Lisseed all training projects, two days after he will determine the injury when the magnetic resonance instrument is last week. The injuries on the team report have also been changed to the leg problem.

Lissed has been absent from four games since 2010 as a regular whole man, and he said he does not want to end. “When I know that my injury is not as serious as it is imagined. This is really a decompression. I feel that the injury is getting better and better, if I need to rest, I will be unimaginable? Spend every minute. “

Currently, the old will take a litter-Fitzgerald, will continue to stay, although he is not an elite player but still helps to cultivate a young player. In this year, there was a second round of Andy Isabella, picking Hakeem Butler in the fourth round, and picking Choshane in the sixth round. – Johnson Johnson. In addition, there are also two-wheeled Christian, Christian Kirk, 2017, three-wheeled Shi Charde, Williams (Kevin White), Kemus White, joined to join the team ). If Minsbury can ensure that most players can play a power, then Murre has a lot of good pass targets, and the opponent’s defensive group has a headache.

The current signing of the new show is the highest in Qua Tagovailoa. Another first round show of Miami Dolphin, Austin Jackson, and Carolina Black Panther Defense Pads, Derrick Brown, is the first round show that completed the contract. There are currently only three first round show and the team to sign a contract.

There are 70 people on both sides, but Titan and Chongqing Pier Workmanship will be detained, but the night eagle does not have too much injuries, but in the regular season and Titan’s game, the main force quadruples are seriously injured. It seems that both parties are actually similar. In addition, this game must be very intense, the player’s rotation is very important, especially in the fourth quarter, the substitute players in both parties have a crucial impact on the competition.

Lisse was hurt his feet on Friday. Initially he insisted on continuing to play, after the unbearable pain, the X-ray did not have ideal results, but he was forced to leave the training ground. After that, he returned to the racket to participate in the restricted training until Wednesday was allowed to do all the training, but we can still see him in a running shoes in the court.

“He escaped from the four-dimensional protection network, and the ability to avoid their ability when the defensive frontline did not get rid of the cover and avoid their ability & mdash; & mdash; these are too unique. He is still able to remove and read the situation on the field and still can follow Put the ball out, continue offense … When you disperse the offensive player, he uses a lot of different ways to play power. This is very difficult for the defensive group because if you want him to force him, he can spider The leg runs, you can’t catch him. And if you don’t hit him, he can still tear your defense. We scattered the player, the rhythm of our play, he is really able to show well in the system. People. Sometimes we are more than possible to be divided by most people in the league. We will use the whole site, let them focus on the 5 extends, and 1 quadrant will be very difficult for the defensive group. “

In the amateur competition, due to the large gap between the players, the probability of the deductible group is relatively high. In general, the specific gravity of the special team in the competition accounts for one-third, the strength of the two-party special group is also around. The trend of the competition.

At 8:30 in the evening, the fans who participated in this watch party were in turn. In the fans, there is a team with friends, there is a team together, and there are husbands who wear jerseys to support the team.

When Jinsbury was interviewed, he said he believed that the offensive system in the Rock rickets and Murray were “very similar” in the Oklahoma University. Kingsbury said he will use the five extraction-based patterns than usually Wholesale Nfl jerseys teams.

The raid personality is determined to participate in the regular season.

The right foot injury of the Auckland raid Marseille-Lis (MARCEL Reece) did not initially think that he will play in the next month’s regular season.

In the end, in the third London competition this season, defending Champion Philadelphia Eagle wins in London 24:18, the beauty tiger, won the fourth victory in the season; the wonderful game is also a success for the London Bowl of Beijing View.


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