In the praise of Hazrat Burhanuddin Gharib

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In the praise of Hazrat Burhanuddin Gharib

Oh, Shah, you are well known in India and in the world
And still, your favours are well known in the Khuldabad
For this reason, no one leaves empty from your kind door
And he will return back for an act of thanks in this matter
Oh Shah Hafeez is your devotee not forget him at your door
Kindly fulfil his wishes and desires as he is the true devotee
Not wishes of Hafeez but Shah consider wishes of all others
Oh Shah your favour is there since for centuries in Rouza
So for this reason favour for the glory of the Islam at soon
So the great flag of Islam will shine again in the world soon
Oh Shah yourself and your spiritual master are well known
And your favour is there for all so well known in the world

By Hafeez Anwar
Translator of the Tadhkirtal Auliya

In the praise of Hazrat Burhanuddin Gharib

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