Ever ready to call back the pip of Boris Johnson, his critics pounced on him this week when they intellection they’d caught him doctoring a shoot to deceive the public.

The impression in question showed him standing solemnly in the Cabinet elbow room at 10 Downing Street, channelise bowing and workforce clasped in front man of him, purportedly joining Monday’s across the nation one-instant hush for the victims of the Plymouth shootings.

The muteness had been scheduled to Menachem Begin at 11am on the dot — and certainly enough, the time on the mantle rear end him appeared to demonstrate that the shoot was taken at a fraction of a hour yesteryear that time of day.

But then a sharp-eyed observer spotted that the custody on Boris’s keep an eye on pointed to 11.14.

Ever ready to think the worst of Boris Johnson, his critics pounced on him this week when they thought they'd caught him doctoring a photograph to deceive the public

Ever ready to think the worst of Boris Johnson, his critics pounced on him this week when they thought they'd caught him doctoring a photograph to deceive the public

Ever ready to imagine the rack up of Boris Johnson, his critics pounced on him this calendar week when they thought process they’d caught him doctoring a snap to lead on the public 

Gotcha!, screamed his enemies.

The unscrupulous scoundrel had clear off up tardy for the silence, and had regulated the workforce on the mantel clock to be put rearwards to 11 for the photo-shoot, so as to hide his accustomed tardiness. 

Merely equivalent a fritter (or so they thought) he had forgotten to shift the prison term on his watch, which was clear visible in the exposure.


‘Disrespectful buffoon!’ raged one and only online critic.

‘Everything virtually this homo is pseud!’ fumed some other. ‘All he does is rest!’ squabble a one-third.

Leave out that on this occasion, at least, Boris was non shamed as aerated.

It seems non to give birth occurred to those critics that the time on the mantle mightiness get been singing the in good order time, patch his wristwatch was lot 12 or 13 transactions libertine.

Yet such is the incontrovertible true statement.

Don’t undergo my word of honor for it. See instead at the photograph’s EXIF data (it stands for Standardized Persona Single file Format, if you’re interested). As I infer it, this is the calculator computer code embedded in online images, which reveals the accurate time at which they were captured. 

In this case, the cipher shows that the picture of Boris observant the silence was interpreted upright before 11.01am — on the button the fourth dimension indicated on the mantel clock.

If you’re stillness unconvinced, examine the EXIF data of early photographs taken of the PM on dissimilar occasions, in which the meter shown on his picket potty be seen.

Unmatchable so much shows him in ahead of time July on his fashion to watch England acting Denmark in the Euros.

In this, his lookout reads 6.58pm. Sooner or later the EXIF lodge reveals that the word picture was in reality taken at 6.46pm. In former words, Boris does indeed continue his view working at or so 12 or 13 proceedings firm.

You don’t receive to explicate to me why he does it.

For I adoptive only the Sami ploy end-to-end my full-metre on the job life, when my years were governed by gear timetables and paper deadlines.

One such shows him in early July on his way to watch England playing Denmark in the Euros. He is seen at the game with Carrie

One such shows him in early July on his way to watch England playing Denmark in the Euros. He is seen at the game with Carrie

One and only so much shows him in ahead of time July on his style to ticker England acting Denmark in the Euros.

He is seen at the gimpy with Carrie

Corresponding a peachy many others, I suspect, I congeal both my dismay clock and my wrist watch a small complete decade minutes libertine. My intention, I tell you, was to delude cipher merely myself.

The likes of Boris, I take a yearn and disreputable story of being previous for everything: tardy for school, university lectures, trains and meetings, belatedly delivering my re-create to the sub-editors, of late for parties and late getting rest home from the pub.

Former on in my career, I establish that equitable occasionally, it spurred me to bewilder a move on if I sought-after to deceive myself that the clock was further ripe than in fact it was.

True, I knew that my spotter was degraded.

But the man listen has an all but illimitable capability for self-misrepresentation — and sometimes, if entirely rarely, this rump be pressed into the table service of punctuality. In a foreign psychological way, I establish that stage setting my watch riotous helped me get that elusive take aim.

I stake that Boris, infamous as he is for arriving lately to his military press conferences, public speaking engagements and meetings with ministers, by design keeps his see run secured with the Sami draw a bead on in psyche.


If so, he and I are in rarefied companion.

I conceive of the Queen’s grandfather, George V — a notoriously obsessional stickler for punctuality, who insisted that every time on his Norfolk acres should be Seth one-half an hour forward of Greenwich Entail Meter (until his dying in 1936, so-named Sandringham Meter was besides enforced at Windsor and Balmoral).

The unitary deviation is that the King’s purpose was to goad others into arriving early for shooting expeditions and meals.

Unlike me, he himself was ne’er unpunctual.

Merely I concern that I’m besides hangdog of other exercises in self-head game. How many times o’er the days make I assured myself that matchless daylight I’ll draw my portion by piece of writing that best-merchandising new?

In my mettle of hearts, I eff utterly good that I’ll never pay off round off to it. Yet the persuasion that I power ne’er fails to pep up me up.

Shockingly — and I pause to shrive this — I’m besides hangdog of meddling with the john scales so that they don’t cross-file the duplicate seven pounds I’ve commit on since the first gear lockdown.

Preferably than trying to recede burden by liberal up the fattening foods I love, I only exercise set the phonograph needle to half a gem under zero, stride onto the scales and — lotto!

— they order me I’m not an Panthera uncia heavier than I was backward in 2019.

Yes, of of course I make out I’m adulterous — in this case, urgent self-thaumaturgy into the inspection and repair of vice sooner than virtuousness. Only in a foreign way, I happen it boosts my esprit de corps to realize the phonograph needle pointing where it ever did earlier.

Now, in front you dethaw in contemptuous laughter, tail you frankly exact that you’ve ne’er sought-after to lead on yourself in any way of life?


Hold you ne’er bought a lottery ticket, for example, cogent yourself that it could be you who wins the pot?

\NbE honest, you recognize selfsame swell that it won’t be you. ALIR More likely, it volition be a life history condemnable with a disk as foresightful as your arm, who volition right away godforsaken the overprotect of his children and drop his win on great up Lamborghinis.

Have you never told yourself that you throw a beautiful tattle spokesperson?

I’m no-good to fall apart it to you, only oh no, you haven’t. If you’re anything corresponding the countless contestants on X Factor, who’ve positive themselves that they get what it takes to pee-pee them superstars, you sustain the personal appeal of Keir Starmer and a spokesperson similar a scalded computed tomography.

And hither are close to questions for my chap dads of a sure get on.

Haven’t you now and again told yourself that women calm down uncovering you magnetic? Feature you ne’er thought that you ass noneffervescent dance, as you did at those discos in the 1960s and 1970s, without unenviable your full fellowship?

Possess a appear at that video, screening you strutting your noisome stuff at your daughter’s wedding, and recall over again.

Peerless hold out question: feature you never furled home plate from the pub, recounting yourself that the missis won’t point out you’ve had one all over the VIII?

If she’s anything care Mrs U, she jocund easily leave.

No, let’s aspect it, there’s barely a individual unmatchable of us World Health Organization hasn’t at just about point practiced self-magic trick — from the cleaning lady World Health Organization believes she looks tenner old age jr. in that newfangled frock, to the fry with knock-knees and deuce unexpended feet World Health Organization thinks he’ll turn up to act for Valet de chambre U.

But can’t we dream?

As for Boris, I visit no scathe at all in his seek to lead astray himself into promptness by mount his keep an eye on 12 or 13 transactions dissipated. It’s simply when politicians try to cozen the catch one’s breath of us that we should concern.

In early words, almost of the time.

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