I decided to come up with an car rental guide due to fact that the island of Panay is slowly becoming a hotbed for eco-tourism as well as those seeking to expand their business.

Having just opened its airport to international flights, the once laid back island is surely ripe for exploration, regardless if it’s for business or pleasure.

Exploration entails the use of vehicles, for one to quickly explore hidden opportunities an area has in store.

So with that said, here is my guide to finding the right car rental company within the province of .

Look for an established company

If it is your first time to rent a car in , I strongly advice that you go with an established company.

This is not only for you to make certain that you are getting what you paid for, but also for safety purposes.

A growing city attracts dubious characters which are only after money. These individuals do not care for your comfort, much more your safety, as long as they get a few extra bucks from you.

Do a little bit of research. Ask your friends to recommend car rental companies which they have used before. Or ask the hotel you’re staying in if they can recommend one for you.

Book in advance

is usually filled with tourists from December to January.

It being the biggest and nearest city reachable by car from the island of Boracay, local and foreign tourists from the world renowned beach sometimes do their holiday shopping, or even spend Christmas and/or New Year in the city. This is not only a peak season for car rental companies, but also for hotels as well.

Know what vehicle you need

Will you be with your family, or will it just be you? When you have just about any questions relating to in which in addition to tips on how to make use of choose ridesharing platform, you’ll be able to call us from our own page. Will you be coming here for business or vacation? These questions must be addressed to whatever company you choose in order for them to present you with an appropriate vehicle.

Knowing the exact type of vehicle you will need is reflective of what activities you will be doing. If you are going on a company meeting, you don’t need a huge 12 seater van right? But if you plan to go exploring after, then you might need something with a little bit of muscle.

Plan your trip well

Unless you are only going to stay within the city limits of , then you must plan your trips. Some roads leading to other provinces can be a bit dangerous during nighttime due to poor lighting and road condition, so it is better to plan your route ahead of time and present it to your driver or directly to the company.

He or they will then advice you on the best plan of action to take.

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