Outdoor wall mounted lighting will always serve two purposes to enhance the surroundings of your home. Not only does this lighting light the way at night so walking around your home is more convenient, but these wall mounted lamps serve as added security and will deter would be burglars or vandals from the thought of entering your surrounding property.

So this is why, when your outdoor wall lighting becomes old and worn out, you should take the time to replace these fixtures. This particular fixture is not difficult to replace and with the correct procedures there is no need to have the added expense of having an electrician do this job for you.

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Before you go to remove the old wall lighting fixture, be sure to turn off the electric current going to the lighting fixture.

Now it is time to remove the old fixture. On the mounting plate that is secured tightly against the wall with a sealing gasket, begin to remove the bolt that is fastening the plate to the wall. Some of these plates are secured by one bolt and others are secured by several bolts. Remove the bolt/s slowly making sure you have a good grip on the lighting fixture, so the fixture won’t fall and break.

After you remove the wall mounting plate you should be able to see the wires connecting the fixture to the power source. The wires coming from the old fixture and the wires coming from the wall will be connected by a twist connector. There should be only two connecting wires.

The next thing to do is untwist these connectors and the wire ends will come out of the connectors. After you remove the connectors, the connected wire ends should still be twisted together. Now you should untwist the wire ends and disconnect the old fixture wires from the wires coming from the wall. This procedure will detach the old fixture and you may discard the old outdoor wall mounted light.

Now it is time to install your new wall fixture. Assemble and wire the new fixture to the two wires coming from the wall with the twist connectors. There are usually one dark colored wire and one light colored wire. Make sure you connect the dark wire from the wall with the dark colored wire from the fixture. The same goes for the light colored wires.

Take the new wall mounting plate for the new fixture and using the waterproofing gasket between the wall and the mounting plate, secure the mounting plate on the wall by bolting the mounting plate securely into the wiring box inside the wall.

Now is time to mount the fixture. This procedure is easy to do because the mounting plate will have the holes for mounting the new outdoor wall mounted light with as many bolts as the holes provided.

Once you have mounted the fixture, insert a light bulb, turn on the power going to the fixture and switch the light on. It’s as easy as that.

Outdoor wall mounted lighting is available in almost unlimited styles and features. You might want to consider adding features like timers or motion sensors to add to the security of your home

Replacing outside wall mounted lighting is something that needs to be done from time to time. When you know how to do this correctly, the job can be done quickly, easily and safely.

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