A person having burn injuries go through an experience that is nerve racking.

Burn injuries are different than any other injuries. They leave more deep wounds and emotional trauma. Sometimes the scars may remain throughout the life. But the most important things that comes with severe burn injuries is that it results in medical bills that sometimes run with the life, leaving the survivors and his family in uncertainty.

Sometimes the victim needs to go through multiple surgeries and even medical treatment for life!

There are some basic reasons that can cause burn accidents like electricity, heat, radiation, chemicals gases flammable clothes and explosion.

Burn injuries are often divided in three classes that are –

First degree burns- in this degree of burns only upper layer of the skin gets affected.

Second degree burns – in this degree of burns upper layer of the skin effects more but unlike of the first degree of burns the skin gets blisters and start oozing.

Third degree burns- third degree burns are the most dangerous and devastating and life threatening burns that may cause permanent disfigurement destroying all the nervous systems.

When the wounds heal they leave deep scarring, however in this condition plastic surgery or skin grafting can be done.

What Should Be The First Aid Given To A Burn Survivor?

For first and second degree burns : —

Pour cool Water (not cold) : –never pour cold water or ice on the wounds.

Always pour cool water for at least 10 to 15 minutes or cool it with cool compress. By doing so the burning sensation and swelling can be reduced.

Cover with gauze bandage : — don’t use feathery cotton it may get stick, use sterile gauze bandage and cover the wound and blisters loosely avoid pressure on burned skin. Bandage will keep the air off that will reduce pain and protect blisters.

Pain killers : — if pain is beyond tolerance then some medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin can be taken. Always take advice to the doctor before giving these medicines to the children.

For Third Degree Burns : —

Immediately seek or call for medical help.

If the person’s clothes are burning and stick to his or her body don’t try to remove them. Cover him with a blanket, jacket or towel and roll him on the ground.Remove jwellery or any metal before swelling.Do not put ice water as it may cause to decrease the body temperature at a dangerous level.Do not put oil, ointments or home remedies.Try to elevate the burned part above the level of the heart but if it increases pain and discomfort don’t do this.Don’t give anything to eat to the burn survivor as it may cause of vomiting later.

If burn incidents are due to the negligence of others then you should consider about compensation and for this you may need a burn injury attorney. Burn injury lawyers have formed associations which includes best healthcare professionals are provide world-class treatment.

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