Custom Wrought Iron Floor and Table Lamps

A handmade custom floor lamp draws guests inside with the warm glow spilling from its beautifully crafted shade. Different styles of wrought iron table and floor lamps can be made to fit your decor, as well as enhance your interior design with the authenticity of something custom-made using centuries-old techniques. Exquisitely pounded iron stands supporting hand-stitched linen and hide shades distinguish custom floor and table lamps from any other, gathering people to special areas in your interiors. Wrought iron lamps with glass shades of different finishes enliven your home’s textures and colors. Again, the quality of light, its ambient pool spread across your entrance, on your desk, your coffee table, your boardroom podium — spark attention to its focus of illumination. Custom iron lamps aren’t simply accent pieces, but cornerstones to your interior design.

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The graceful, delicate light splashed across the walls by a wrought iron chandelier is one of the most uplifting aspects of a room. The variety of Spanish style iron chandeliers is as great as the eras during which they transformed, from rustic hacienda to Andalusian. Hand-pounded iron curves with swooping candelabra to stained glass jewels wrapped in delicate iron wreaths span the possibilities of lighting your important interior spaces — from the foyer to the dining room.

Not to mention your game room where the isolated glow of a wrought iron billiard lamp will touch the felt without blocking your shot to the right corner pocket. Iron billiard lamps hanging from the ceiling add a rugged look and feel because of their hand pounded iron lamp holders spilling just enough light to cover the table and no more. There’s nothing excessive about these wrought iron billiard lamps except their genuine craftsmanship that’s definitely going to impress your friends.

Custom Fire Screens

Wrought iron fire screens transform a fire into a show of dancing light and shadows. Custom iron finishes, in colors ranging from black to antique gold to teal, play the flickers across their designs. Historical design patterns of filigree, Craftsman, and Franciscan emulate the room’s style while enchanting those who visit around the fireplace. There’s a universal response to a fire in a fireplace; there’s a distinctive, one of a kind response to a fire laughing along the lines of a custom iron fire screen in your home that will delight people even more.

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