books – Do overly unique character names bother anybody else?

I understand why authors might want to make their characters stand out a little. But when every character in the book has a one in a million name? It’s always the whole squad of characters. It kind of takes me out of the immersion, like their names are just costumes instead of real people. If that makes sense…

Like, come on, it makes sense for a few people to have unique names, but everyone in the whole book? You really expect me to believe your name is Amadeus, your best friends are named Opal, Fauna, Mirabelle, Jaysen and idk probably Cosmo and Wanda.

Personally, I understand not wanting to give everyone a common name. I see the downsides of that too. But really. Just me?

Edit: As many have pointed out, it makes total sense for characters to have uncommon names in fantasy and sci-fi books. I hadn’t even thought about that when making this post, I was more thinking of realistic fiction books that take place in modern times.

Also, this was not meant as an attack on unusual, unique, uncommon, etc. names in general. What I meant was, it feels unrealistic when almost every character in the book has a name that I, in my experience, rarely if ever hear in real life.

By the way, Cosmo and Wanda is just a reference to the Nickelodeon cartoon Fairly Odd Parents. It’s just a joke. I knew someone irl named Wanda and she was an excellent cook and cool person. So yes it’s not that uncommon.

My list of names was not some super thought out, flawless example. It was mostly random names I thought of that I remembered reading or hearing. I’m sure other commenters have better examples than that. By the way unique does not mean bad. In no way did I mean that. Sorry for offending people.

books – Do overly unique character names bother anybody else?

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