US-Bangla Airlines (BS) – Book Flights, Status & Cancellation Policy

When booking a flight with US-Bangla Airlines, travelers are able to choose from several destinations in the Middle East, such as Oman and Qatar. Additionally, the airline offers flights to many countries in Asia, with some popular examples being China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

This airline has a fleet that consists of 9 planes, with a majority of them either Boeing, ATR, or Bombardier. The Boeing 737-800 is the most commonly used aircraft by the company, as it is the largest, meaning that it can fit up to 156 passengers and is convenient for long-haul flights. It has become a popular choice among customers as it seats two people per row, rather than three, allowing for customers to have a particularly comfortable and spacious experience. The ATR 72-600 is also a popular choice, with it primarily being used for short flights due to its size.

While US-Bangla Airlines is considered to be primarily based in Bangladesh, the company has four headquarters that are located across the world. Two corporate offices can be found in North America in the countries of Canada and the United States, while there are two offices in Asia that are placed in India and Thailand.

If you will be traveling with US-Bangla Airlines, there is one class that you can fly in: Economy. With Economy, the airline allows guests to check up to two bags for free, bring one piece of carry-on luggage, and receive additional amenities, such as access to in-flight entertainment systems, free snacks, and complimentary beverages.

US-Bangla Airlines (BS) – Book Flights, Status & Cancellation Policy

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