As anyone who has owned more than one cat can attest, not all cats are created equal. Just as is the case with dogs, the looks, personalities and other traits can vary greatly from breed to breed. If you plan to buy a cat from a reputable breeder, it is a good idea to do some research so that you can select a cat whose personality will best match what you’d like in a pet.

Below are 10 cat breeds along with some of their personality traits.


These easy to groom cats are very social. They do best in homes where there will be a lot of companionship. This can be human companionship or that of other cats. In case you loved this informative article and you want to receive details concerning munchkin cats price assure visit our own webpage. Abyssinians are very loving and active. This breed is one that will be happy to play with their human caretakers.


Bengals, which have gained popularity in the last several years, have the personalities of domestic cats with a few glimpses into the wild side of their heritage. These cats are very vocal, and will not hesitate to “tell” you if they are not happy about something. They have a very high energy level and love to explore their surroundings.


The outgoing cats are well-known for the affection that they show their owners. This breed has been featured in cat shows since 1925. They are playful, but do not have the abundance of energy that some other breeds possess.

Exotic Shorthair

This breed is gentle and curious. It loves to investigate each nook and cranny in its environment, but will also, at times, be content to snuggle lazily in their owners lap.


This breed is considered a good choice if you have children or if the cat will have to share the home with canine companions. Considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds, Pixie-Bobs can be trained and love spending time interacting their humans. They generally get along very well with every member of the household, including the two-legged and the four-legged kind.

Scottish Fold

While most cats have the reputation of being demanding, this is not true of the Scottish Fold. While the cats are sweet and loyal to their owners, they are happy to spend their days being about their own business.


For owners who want a cat that loves to curl up on their lap and snuggle, the Munchkin is a good option. This cat tends to be more affectionate than some other breeds. They typically do fine with other animals and, for this reason, are also a good choice if you have other cats or dogs in the home.

American Wirehair

These cats, which sport a unique, springy coat, are among the most people-oriented of the cat breeds. These cats require a home in which they will receive a good amount of attention and playtime from their owners. They will come to you if you don’t go to them and will have no problem doing whatever it takes to get your attention.


These cats, which require a fair amount of grooming, enjoy spending time with other cats but also require human attention. This breed displays less of the hyperactivity that some others breeds are known for and tends to be generally calm.


These cats were given the name Ragdoll because of the degree to which they love to relax and take naps. They love sharing their home with other Ragdolls and often nap one of top of the other. These cats get along well with other cats and dogs and can tolerate children. They need some attention from their owner, which they look for in between naps.

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