Miniature breeds of cats, such as toy Persians have become very popular in recent times. These smaller breeds are also referred to as “teacup kittens”. This popularity is due to trends in housing, where people are living in smaller houses and apartments. Therefore smaller pets are preferred.

Toy cats are produced by specific selection and breeding of the smallest kittens. The aim after repeated breeding is to produce perfectly proportioned miniature versions of the standard size cats. The toy versions of a breed have the same physical traits and characteristics as the large versions of the same breed. Common breeds used to produce teacup, or miniature versions, are Himalayans and Persians.

A normal sized cat can weigh anything between 10 to 17 pounds. However some cats can fall outside this weight range. Some less than reputable breeders may try to sell cats under ten pounds as a teacup cat when actually the weight of the cat falls within the standard weight range. It is not right to generalise and say that any feline less than 10 pounds is a miniature cat. Generally a toy sized cat weighs between 3 and 8 pounds.

The Napoleon Cat is a hybrid of the Munchkin and Persian breeds such as the Himalayan Persian. The Napoleon combines traits from both breeds into a unique look. It is a short-legged cat round eyes and a colourful coat.

Here is more info in regards to munchkin cat for sale review our website. Lambkins are a cross of the Munchkin, which is already a small breed, and the Selkirk Rex. This results in a cute cat with short legs and a soft, curly coat.

The MiniPer is a combination of a Persian and Exotic breed. Their bodies are completely proportionate so that they are just smaller that a normal Persian or Exotic.

Toy cats are expensive to buy from a reputable breeder and can cost anywhere from $1800 to $3000 depending on the breed, size and colour of the individual.

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