A judge ruled it was owed £10million, including its legal costs and interest, Slot Online but rejected its application for a global freezing order, saying there was insufficient evidence that Mr Yu would hide his assets to avoid repaying the debt.

I was single and I had a steady income — I was making good money at after-dinner speaking (though I had taken that up in the first place to settle some gambling debts) and also had my football pension. Only now can I see that this was all part of the problem — not just for me, but for anyone with an addiction. With no outside signs of anything amiss, the addict can either not know they have a problem — or be in total denial about it.

Les Ambassadeurs previously took legal action against Sheikh Salah Hamdan Albluewi, chairman of a Saudi Arabian construction and property empire, over claims he reneged on a £2million debt by sending 17 cheques that bounced.

I had noticed that if we went out for lunch, he would sometimes become jittery and want to get home. I decided to be frank, so I said: ‘Pete, I don’t know anything about football but I’ve been to Newmarket races. Do you like betting on the horses?’

When Steph finally caught me out — she’ll tell you how — it was a reality check.

I was angry at myself because my secret had been exposed and, now she knew, the possibility of losing Steph became a genuine fear. It felt like I was living in a bad dream and Steph was drifting away from me, but I still couldn’t see a way out.

In response to Kane’s bankruptcy filing, Parker filed a separate case within Chapter 7 to prevent him from being able to walk away from any debts he may end up owing her. Porter’s 2018 lawsuit was previously delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic last year and then stayed after Kane filed for bankruptcy in January, according to . 

ashes. Adultery is also punishable by death when it involves a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man. But in reality, capital punishment is only used in very rare murder cases when the victim’s family do not s

How on earth could I tell her the truth about it all? Surely, she would leave me. Deep down, I was slowly feeling more and more embarrassed and I just knew I couldn’t go on living that way. But, after a lifetime of gambling, how could I ever be free from it? I was completely in pieces.

nment. However, the Shiite state does employ a range of sharia punishments, with Amnesty International criticising it in 2017 for its “persistent use of cruel and inhuman punishments, including floggings, amputations and forced

I’d often lie in bed and cry, not just for myself but for him. How could this amazing world legend be in this situation? He was never going to admit he was a chronic gambler and I wondered where it would all end.

Good Energy urges investors to turn down ‘hostile and highly… Balfour Beatty to pay dividends above pre-pandemic levels… BUSINESS CLOSE: Inflation rate falls to 2%; Persimmon… Government pumps £91m into British electric vehicle p

‘I have tried to set up FaceTime calls but not every day as I would like to because of being restricted by her mom. She has refused me to see her and had unfortunately tried to use my daughter as leverage. I will continue to always take care of my family, that goes without question.’

It never occurred to me to link gambling with that kind of substance addiction until later, when I saw Pete going through physical withdrawal once he’d stopped gambling — unable to concentrate, night sweats, insomnia — as if he were a heroin addict.

so.  The board said: ‘Playtech understands that by voting against the resolution to dispose of Finalto to Barinboim, shareholders enable Playtech to engage with Gopher and to potentially secure better terms for

I was already a promising footballer.

When we set off to our caravan in Mablethorpe, the one thing I never forgot to pack was my football. On the beach we’d make sandcastles for goalposts and even grown men couldn’t get the ball past me. Every Christmas I wanted a new football, or a new football kit or football annuals.

‘Then, on June 13, 2018, Plaintiff sent Defendant a text message of her lab results, which confirmed she had terminated the third pregnancy. When Plaintiff requested Defendant update her on the status of her payment, Defendant, for the first time, told (Plaintiff) he was not going to pay her, stating: ‘I’ll have my lawyer contact you I’m not dealing with this any further then.’

The limits didn’t stop me having big losses but at least I had to settle up before I could bet again. During those pre-internet days, I would be on a landline phone to place my bets, then listen to the racing commentary on the radio.

I knew Pete’s username — I’d seen it one day when his laptop was open — and I emailed the betting company he was using.

I made them aware of Pete’s addiction and begged for help. I even gave them his user ID so they would know exactly who I was talking about. 

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