The wild horse coach praised the four points Wei Ximan will be decided to start

Danfo Yaro, the Gary Kubiak, did not announce the team’s first four-point guard after the end of the game, but he said that he has had enough information to make a decision.

The race of the wild horse 17-9 defeat Los Angeles ram is Trevor Siemian, difference in nike nfl jerseys the second consecutive stage of the preseason. At the leadership offensive group, Ximeian looked steadily stabilized, 17 passed 10 times successfully obtained 122 yards 1 time reached 1 time passed.

After the end of the game, when the performance of Ximeian is asked, Kuboy refers to the calm performance of Ximeian, cheap jerseys free shipping and Ximeian’s teammates also mention this. Kubik evaluation said: “I am impressive. I think he is very calm.”

The rookie quartz, Paxton Lynch, played difference in nike nfl jerseys Simmy, and Mark Sanchez did not debut. After the competition, Kubiak said that the decision on who served as the first battle in the season will be made in the next few days.

In 2015, Xi Mi’an joined the wild horses took advantage of the opportunity to work with the quarter-Patton Manning. difference in nike nfl jerseys the past few weeks, he has always been the most stable quarter-saving in the team and has the opportunity to become the first.

After the game, I was asked if he believed that he would become the first, and Ximeian said, “I have confidence. Eventually this depends on (Kubik), this question asks him better.”

But asked if he believed that he had tried his best, Ximeian said, “I really think so, but I still want to say that this is not what I can decide. I will strive to become the best teammate.”

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