UAE: Pakistan issues list of Covid PCR testing centres for travellers

Pakistan government has issued a list of laboratories for people flying from the UAE to Pakistan to conduct Covid-19 PCR tests.

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All passengers – either Pakistani or foreigners nationals – flying to Pakistan from UAE will have to take to a negative Covid-19 PCR test solely from 49 healthcare operators and laboratories across the UAE.

This decision will come in to effect from Saturday, May 29.

A statement by Pakistan Embassy in the UAE said all passengers irrespective of the airline they’re flying will have to take PCR test from only these laboratories.

Of the 49 laboratories and healthcare operators, 10 are located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain; eight each in Dubai and Fujairah; seven each in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah; five in Ajman and four in Umm Al Quwain.

This step has been taken as part of Islamabad’s measures to contain Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Earlier this month, Pakistan reduced the number of foreign flights by 80 per cent but later it increased to 50 per cent. The UAE has also put a ban on passengers coming from Pakistan and four other South Asian countries – India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

In addition, Pakistan Consulate, Dubai, asked all airlines operating flights to Pakistan to accept negative Covid-19 PCR tests of only authorised UAE-based laboratories.

Pakistani citizens in the UAE welcomed this new initiative as this will remove ambiguity surrounding Covid-19 requirements from laboratories following some passengers from Gulf countries to Pakistan were tested Covid-19 positive upon arrival at Peshawar airport last week.

“Pakistan government has rightly decided to issue the list of laboratories in the UAE for Covid-19 PCR tests. The list includes almost all major UAE labs. Earlier, I had to check with the airlines prior to travelling about the list of approved labs,” said Abul Hassan.

“As a resident of Sharjah, I have seven options, and luckily few of them are near to my residence. It will ensure transparency and also make the life easier for Pakistan airport authorities to let the passengers in carrying authentic PCR test results,” he said.

On May 20, Pakistan government allowed non-resident Pakistanis aged 18 and above, who were in the home country on leave, to get vaccinated before returning abroad by showing passport and the foreign country’s visa. Students are also eligible for the vaccine.


Below is the list of healthcare operators and laboratories authorized by Pakistan government in the UAE for Covid-19 PCR tests:

Abu Dhabi & Al Ain:

>> VPS Health Group (Burjeel, Medeor, Life Line Hospital)

>> NMC Hospital

Abu Dhabi

>> Accuracy Laboratory, Hamdan Street

>> Dar-ul-Mosa Laboratory, Hamdan Street

>> PhD Laboratory, Electra Street

>> Al Khaleej Diagnostic Medical Center

>> Gulf Radiology and Laboratories

>> Life Diagnostic

>> Al Borg Medical Laboratories

>> National Reference Laboratory, Mussafah


>> NMC

>> Medicare

>> Aster

>> Emirates Hospital

>> Saudi German

>> Zulekha Hospital

>> Canadian Specialist Hospital

>> American Hospital

Ras Al Khaimah

>> NMC

>> Saqr Hospital

>> NMC Royal Medical Center

>> RAK Hospital

>> Al Jazirah Health Center

>> RAK Health Center

>> Al Manee’ei Health Center


>> NMC

>> Thumbay Labs

>> Aster

>> Medcare

>> Emirates Hospital

>> Star Metropolis Clinical Lab

>> Dar Al Hikmah Medical Laboratory


>> NMC

>> Pure Health

>> Thumbay Labs

>> Fujairah Hospital

>> Fujairah Exhibition Center

>> Al Sharq Hospital

>> Merashid Health Center

>> Dibba Hospital


>> NMC

>> Prime Medical Clinic

>> Albait Metwhid Hall

>> Ajman University

>> Al Hamidiya Health Center

Umm Al Quwain

>> SEHA Screening Center

>> Medical Centers of Primary Healthcare

>> UAQ Department of Health

>> Thumbay Labs


UAE: Pakistan issues list of Covid PCR testing centres for travellers

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