An old toy box may look old-fashioned or unattractive, but discarding it in a yard sale is not the best alternative.

There are multiple ways by which one can customize such wooden toy boxes so that they can get merged with your interior decor and does not look out of place. The best part is that many of these ways are inexpensive. So, let us have a look at the top four ways of customizing an old toy box.

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Wooden letters of varying font types and sizes are easily available in a craft store. One can fix these letters on the front side of an old toy box to feature any text like kid’s name, an inspiring quote or just random letters to enhance its look.

Apply Paint

Buy some bright paint and a sprayer from a local store. Have some idea to spray the paint, and then get started with the sprayer. Applying paint of choicest color on the outer surface of the box does the trick of making it beautiful and contemporary.

It is advisable to create eye-catching motifs using a brush, and some contrasting colors.

Wrap in a Fabric

This one is simplest because both old or new fabrics can be wrapped on the outer or inner surface to give the toy box an entirely new look.

One can also choose to wrap fabric in contrasting colors to accentuate its beauty. Add a couple of paper flowers and DIY pom-poms with the help of glue, and soon the toy box will become a piece of home decor.

Add a Seat Lid

A little personal space is always desirable.

Adding a comfy seat on the lid of a well-built toy box not only offers the same but also redefine its purpose and increases its utility. Get some quality foam, and use a nice fabric for upholstery. Put it on the lid with the help of some strong glue. A seat lid will get ready within a matter of few minutes!

Place the toy box near a window, and it will turn into an attractive window seat.

One can also use wide ribbons of various contrasting colors to decorate an old toy box. However, if all the above ways of customizing an old or existing toy box seem not convincing, it is best to order a custom toy box from a reliable wood toy box manufacturer or retailer.

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