Cats have lived with humans through various times and cultures, but only a few hundred years were selected and mated with the aim to produce a particular race with a clear genetic and definite.

Compared to dogs that have evolved over time, with a variety of race, size, shape and character, racial variation is narrower cat. Unlike dogs, variations in size and conformation of different races is not much different cat.

What is a Pedigree? Pedigree Simply means lineage. Cats with Pedigree (pedigreed cat) is a cat that genealogy is known to previous generations. This pedigree must be a written record (certificate).

Pure persians cats could be mated with a pure Siamese cat. When you have any kind of issues relating to exactly where and also how you can use Munchkin Cat price, you possibly can call us at our own internet site. Although both cat genealogy clear, the resulting child can not be expressed as a new race (Persian / Siamese) to the resulting child has characteristics that clear and consistent

Race Cats Based on the hair, race cat can be divided into three groups, namely the long hair (longhair), short hair (shorthair) and the hair is (semi-longhair). Here is a list of races that are classified based on cats hair length:


– Persia

Semi longhair:

– Birman

– Turkish Van

– Turkish Angora

– Somali

– Maine Coon

– Norwegian Forest

– Balinese

– Javanese

– Ragdoll

– Tiffanie

– Tiffany

– Cymric


– Exotic Shorthair

– British Shorthair

– American Shorthair

– European Shorthair

– Chartreux

– Oriental Shorthair

– Siamese

– Snowshoe

– Seychellois

– Abyssinian

– Rusian Blue

– Korat

– Burmese

– Asian Group

– Burmilla

– Bombay

– Bengal

– Tonkinese

– Egyptian Mau

– Singapura

– Ocicat

– Japanese Bobtail

– Manx

– Cornish Rex

– Devon Rex

– Selkirk Rex

– American Curl

– Scottish Fold

– American Wirehair

– Sphynx

Here are some cats that formed races because of genetic mutations:

– American Bobtail

– American Curl

– American Wirehair

– Cornish Rex

– Cymric

– Devon Rex

– German Rex

– Japanese Bobtail

– Kurilian Bobtail

– LaPerm

– Manx

– Munchkin

– Ojos Azules

– Peterbald

– Pixie


– Selkirk Rex

– Scottish Fold

– Sphynx

Race cat obtained by breeding with wild cats:

– Alpine Lynx

– Bengal

– Chausie

– Desert Lynx

– Highland Lynx

– Jaguarundi Curl

– Savannah

– Serengeti

– Toyger

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