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Saint Signal Extraction Brandman – Marshall

Beijing November 13th, Brandon Marshall, has also gained opportunities to play in NFL.

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (ADAM SCHEFTER), Marshal will sign a contract with Saints a year. Since the 13th year, Marshall has not played in the playoffs, which may be his best opportunity this year.

Marshall originally played the ball for the sea eagle this season, but the task was reduced, and cheap jerseys from china the 6 games were only completed, and 136 yards were promoted. David Moore replaced him, Marshal was also cut off by Hawks 10.30. Although the 2017 season is only 5 games due to injury, Marshall’s health is not a problem.

Haiying coach Pitt – Carroll: “Marshall is doing very well, his experience is helpful to the players at both ends of the attack, the current quality is good, still can continue playing & hellip; & hellip; though We didn’t give him too much tactics, but he still had the ability to play. If we accident, we are very happy to let him return. “

But the Saint didn’t give the Hawo. The 2016 season Majo is played, and the jet is completed 59 battles for the jet, and the 788 yard is promoted. Saint Saint Michael Thomas’s excellence, cheap jerseys from china but Ted Ginn, Tommye Lewis and Cameron Meredith After entering the injury reserve list, their outer front ball offensive ability becomes less stable.

External handle dez bryant has been reimbursed by Achilles tending.


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