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Drones in the UK are a revolutionary technology.These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have multiple uses in law enforcement, media, sports, reconnaissance, logistics, data collection, military training, agriculture, among other applications.

However, like with all new technology, unique challenges have emerged over the misuse of drones in the UK society.The recent closure of one of the busiest airports in the country due to unauthorised drones increased the debate on the regulation of drone technology.

To mitigate the risks posed by drones, more individuals, corporations and law enforcement bodies now use technology to protect themselves.

An effective anti drone system detects, tracks and neutralises any unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It prevents accidents in the airspace. Such technology also protects against espionage and other malicious uses of drones.

Dangers Posed By Unregulated Drone Use

To appreciate the need for https://www.stretchingculture.com/ the best drone countermeasures, consider some of these drone-technology security dangers.

1. Vehicles for weaponry

The use of drones in warfare is now a reality. This technology is already in use across different war hotspots. There are fears that threat could come near your home anytime.

With increased threats of terrorist attacks in the UK, there is a need for the best drone countermeasures.Such technology will avert the use of these UAVs to carry and deploy dangerous weapons.

2. Smuggling

Smuggling is a major problem across the globe. Authorities in other countries have intercepted drones being used to smuggle drugs across borders.Drone technology is also used in smuggling contraband to prisons and other places.

The best anti-drone systems help authorities intercept these UAVs and prevent an upsurge in contraband smuggling in their areas.

3. Military Espionage

Militaries invest a lot of money to develop their technical and tactical strategies.With emerging global geopolitical rearrangements, militaries across the world are on high alert.

There are concerns of military espionage among the strongest countries, and drone technology has featured in such claims.

Deploying the best technology against unauthorised drones is a smart way for armies and other security installations to protect their secrets.

4. Corporate Espionage

With growing global business competition across all industries, some companies have taken things a notch higher through corporate espionage.

Some unscrupulous corporates now invest in drone technology to steal trade secrets from their major competitors.With data centres spread across the UK, drones fitted with hacking tools can steal sensitive information.

It is thus important for corporates to invest in effective anti-drone systems to prevent data loss and other malicious attacks by their competitors.

5. Airspace Threats

Air travel best exemplifies the dangers posed by drone technology. Disruptions in air travel are not only costly but also potentially fatal. The closure of Gatwick was necessary to avoid collisions between the UAVs and aircraft.

If a drone gets sucked into a jet engine, this could lead to a devastating crash.This looming danger causes great concern in the aviation industry.

Over 120,000 passengers suffered due to 2018's Gatwick's closure. Without any drone countermeasures, this situation could recur.

The near-misses between drones and aircraft have increased.A report on The Guardian says near misses have tripled since 2015. In the report, The UK Airprox Board (UKAB), said there were 92 between aircraft and drones in 2017.

6. Difficulties In Enforcing Drone Regulations

While most countries now have drone regulations, it is difficult to implement these rules.In the UK, it is against the law to fly a drone higher than 120 metres or in restricted airspace such as near an airport.

Many no-drone zones in the country still suffer persistent disruptions by unmanned vehicles despite these restrictions. Without cutting-edge anti-drone devices, it is hard for law enforcement to enforce these rules.

Drones are no longer a harmless menace in modern society. They pose great risks, and this calls for the best technology to protect against such dangers. Using the best anti drone device is the first step to protect against multiple dangers presented by these unmanned aerial vehicles.

Rinicom is a leading technology company in the UK supplying and other tech solutions.The Lancaster based SME launched in 2002 offers state-of-the-art solutions for diverse clients, including government and private organisations. Their innovative drone defence solutions have seen the company win a Queen’s Award for Enterprise twice in 2013 and again in 2018.

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