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Brandon – Williams said it will work hard to enhance the number of death

The crow has previously used a five-year 52.5 million US dollars to sign the defensive cut Brandon Williams, which was one of the big news in the free market.

Williams has been serving in Baltimore for the past three years, contributing to the anti-joins. The new contract is not a commendation to him and cheap jerseys from china has also given him a power of his efforts.

Williams won 4.5 killed in the more than 4 years of cessation, cheap nfl jerseys and there was no play in the three-dimensional three-dimensional construction of four-point guard. He hopes that the 2017 situation will be different.

“I need to upgrade myself.” Williams said, “I want to improve my own tips. I am very excited. Yesterday’s defensive front line coach Kurun (Joe Cullen) just talked to me, I hope to fine tune me I already have the ability to stop the ball, or you can continue to improve this, and strengthen the rush, do your best. “


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